We’d love to speak with you if you have a question about Plato. Here are some common questions clinics ask us before we work together.

Does Plato work on both Mac and PC?

Yes, Plato’s web-based practice management system works on both Mac and PC, as well as any tablet.We also have an iPad and a Microsoft app that lets you write and draw. It feels just like paper.

How do you protect my patient data? Is Plato PDPA compliant?

Plato uses AES in-flight encryption. Your data is encrypted before it leaves your computer, so that transmission and processing in our servers is secure. AES encryption is the same standard of security used for banks and government data. Plato is built to protect the integrity and privacy of patient data, per both HIPAA and Singapore’s PDPA.

Can my existing clinic data be imported into Plato?

Get in touch with us so that we can determine whether we can import existing data from your system to Plato. We can currently import most clinic data from several different popular Singapore clinic management software, including Clinic Assist, Gloco, Medi2000, and Practo.

We can help you extract data, or you can ask your software vendor to provide you your patient data in Excel or open format. Patient medical data doesn’t belong to electronic clinic management software vendors, it belongs to patients and the doctors that care for them.

What happens if I choose to migrate out of Plato?

If you choose to migrate out of Plato, we will return your data to you in an open format, so that you can upload it to the electronic clinic management software of your choice.

How much data can I store in Plato?

Plato allows you to store unlimited data in any format. This includes DICOMM files, audio, video, and pictures. We keep your data secure.

Can I have a local backup of clinic data in Plato?

We store several copies of your data for you in the cloud. However, if you also would like a local backup of your data, we can help you maintain one. Many clinics use an on-premise server for backups, or they backup into a clinic computer.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we offer a month long free trial, for you and your team to test out Plato. During this trial, we even do product customizations, staff training, and a data import, so you know what it’ll be like to work using Plato at your clinic.

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