Is your software evolving in step with changing regulations?

Healthcare regulations evolve and improve, your Clinic Management Software (CMS) and EMR should do the same.

In Singapore, both the government and non-governmental organizations work to improve healthcare standards and access. Both clinics and their IT vendors are responsible for ensuring that they are aware of these changes. At Plato, we both strive to ensure our partner clinics are aware of new changes, and that their software is updated to reflect new requirements.

Here are some key requirements and clinic support measures that are coming down the line:

  1. New HSA Requirements for Drug Labels
    You may have seen the recent SMA email advertisement stating that medicine labels will need to include a batch number and a batch expiry date before April 30 2017. Plato has updated its software to enable the printing of both – our team is currently testing out this feature, and it will be available to all clinics before December 1 2016. Can your software do the same?
  2. CHAS/Medisave Direct Submission
    Earlier this year, MOHH announced a new SmartCMS gateway enabling clinics to make direct CHAS and Medisave submissions, using their clinic management software. Plato is currently working with the SmartCMS team to enable our clinics to direct submissions, saving your clinic staff time and effort.

If you own an outdated software, or if your software provider does not update your software regularly, you can risk the possibility of being non-compliant with new regulations as they roll out. One of the main benefits of working with a subscription software like Plato is that our team is used to updating the software regularly, tracks new regulations to ensure Plato is compliant, and finally can respond quickly when a new regulation or project is released.

Not sure if your software will be updated? Want more information about Plato?

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