Customer Success Representative

Posted 2 years ago

About Plato:

  • We solve critical problems: Running a medical practice means spending a lot of time on admin work – preparing bills, filing notes, and ensuring that every critical decision is documented. Plato makes practice management easy. Our team automates admin work for the doctor and their staff, so that they can focus on what matters: delivering great patient care.
  • We’re a fast-growing team: Plato is already Singapore’s most popular web-based practice management solution and it’s growing fast. Want to find out what it’s like to be part of a lively, growing company? Then join us.

Being a Customer Success Representative at Plato:

As a Customer Success Representative, you’ll help existing customers build a relationship with Plato’s brand. You will take on three critical tasks at Plato: onboarding new customers, supporting existing customers, and improving Plato’s support documentation.


  • Experience in SaaS: Have you worked in either customer success or sales for a different subscription software product before? If so, we would be happy to work with you. If you’ve done customer success work for non-SaaS products, that is also promising. We are currently only looking for candidates with experience.
  • Strong communication skills: Can you write well? Would people call you a great listener or a problem solver? Then you’ll make Plato’s customer base ecstatic.
  • Love of technology: Do you enjoy using the latest gadgets? Have you mastered using any software program previously?
  • Joy helping others: Do you enjoy helping others, understanding others, or spending time with different people?

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