Maintain the Freedom to Choose

You should be able to freely switch to any Clinic Management Software (CMS) or EMR you want.

A lot of clinics feel trapped by their current Clinic Management Software (CMS) software provider – they are not sure of how to extract data out of their CMS if they want to switch, and their CMS provider does not provide support for data extraction.

At Plato, we believe clinics be able to switch to and from whichever provider they choose. The Plato team has successfully enabled clinics to move their data from Clinic Assist, Medi2000, GLOCO, and other software to Plato. As well, at Plato, data migration is currently free for clinics switching from another software to Plato. Even if your current CMS provider does not want to help, the Plato team will make data transfer as seamless as possible.

Similarly, if a clinic wants to switch from Plato, our team actually provides the data back to the clinic – and this will always be free. You should not need a programmer to extract data from your CMS – either your CMS provider should do it for you, or they should make it simple enough that you can do it yourself.

Does your software give you freedom of choice?

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