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What to look for when choosing a cloud-based software

It takes a different skill set to build a web based software versus a locally installed software

Just because a company can build a locally installed software, doesn’t mean you should trust them to build a web-based software. There are a lot of unique considerations that need to be taken into account when building for web.

Vishesh MittalWhat to look for when choosing a cloud-based software
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How Secure is your data?

Security is a game of cat and mouse: if your Clinic Management Software or EMR is not updated regularly, it may not be secure.

At Plato, we believe that you should have clarity on how we protect your clinic’s data. IT security is like a game of cat and mouse – a software needs to use the latest encryption and security standards to stay ahead of anyone trying to gain unauthorized access to their data.

Remi KanjiHow Secure is your data?
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