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Every EMR should offer unlimited data storage

It’s the right choice for patients and clinics.

In Singapore, the Ministry of Health (MOH) mandates that electronic medical records be kept for patient’s lifetime plus 6 years. Most clinics operate for 25-30 years and see tens of thousands of patients – as a doctor or clinic manager, this leaves you responsible for hundreds of Gigabytes (GBs) of data! Cloud-based systems are built to handle more data than locally installed systems – your data is stored on multiple remote servers that are linked together, and more servers or server space can easily be added if the amount of data you have grows. However, a lot of cloud-based providers (not Plato) ask that clinics pay a higher subscription rate as their data increases. Some clinics may subscribe to a software thinking that it is affordable, only to be surprised by dramatic price increases later in their software subscription.

Vishesh MittalEvery EMR should offer unlimited data storage
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