Meet Plato, your  Clinic’s Operating System

Go beyond clinic software - automate the work of one person at your practice. Simplify scheduling and patient registration, create medical records your way, and spend less time on medical billing.

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Group Practice Management

Choose a practice management software trusted by thousands of clinics across Southeast Asia.

Automate the work of one person at your practice

Automate your front desk

From patient scheduling to registration, choose a practice management software that saves time. Automate scheduling with online appointment booking. Let patients register in a click, sharing data from Singpass to Plato. Build relationships with patients - send paperless digital consents and share notes after each visit. Automate work while improving the patient experience at your practice.

Medical billing, simplified with software

Cut through the complexity of medical billing and payments. Manage standard billing, Third Party Payors, and packages in a single clinic system. Use PlatoPay to reduce double entry errors, reconciliation errors, and bad debt. Choose a medical billing software that makes your day easier.
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Electronic Medical Records, made for you

Create electronic notes, your way

From structured forms to handwritten electronic notes, create medical records, your way. Write, type, draw, and even use speech-to-text. Securely access your EMR from anywhere. Plato puts doctors at the heart of its EMR.

Integrated Electronic Medical Records

Receive direct lab and radiology results. Securely share care plans and summary notes with patients. Contribute seamlessly to NEHR and the SmartCMS system. Complete your work from a single clinic system.
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Everything you need, in one clinic platform

Comprehensive clinic management

Manage patients, records, billing, inventory, and reporting from a single automated clinic system. Plato is more than just a CMS - it’s your Clinic’s Operating System.

Grow your practice with Plato

From individual practices to large groups, Plato helps you grow. Manage patients and processes centrally. Automate work at every practice. Use a clinic software that facilitates your growth.

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