Plato is your Aesthetic Clinic's  Operating System

Make a great first impression

Plato’s patient-centric automations build your brand.

Increase conversion and convenience

Using digital ads or a website to attract patients to your practice? Online appointment booking increases conversion - optimize your ad spend with Plato.

Make a strong first impression

Patients prefer tech-savvy medical practices - that means going paperless. Create a memorable first impression with digital pre-registration and consent forms.

Patients prefer digital consent forms

Make consent form review easier for patients - send patients digital consent forms from Plato. Enable patients to review and sign digital consent forms from the comfort of home.

Run a contactless clinic

Give patients the convenience of going contactless across their care journey - from online appointment booking and virtual visits, to contact-free payments and automated recalls.

Turn new patients into loyal relationships

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Just what the doctor ordered

An EMR built for aesthetic medicine.

Optimize your EMR for Aesthetics

Write, draw, type - create notes your way. Plato’s annotations make it easy to visualize treatments. Notes and forms make documentation fast and easy.

Show patients their progress

Link a camera with Plato and easily organize before and after photos. Give patients a visual tool to understand the positive impact of their treatment.

A fully integrated EMR

Receive direct lab and radiology results right in Plato. Never scan in another record.

EMR that builds relationships

Plato’s EMR strengthens your bond with patients - send them a recall with your appointment booking link to simplify care adherence, or share a note to help them track their treatment progress or packages.

Trusted by over 2500 healthcare providers in Southeast Asia

Billing that Builds Relationships

From standard billing to complex packages, Plato’s billing system builds your practice.

Your everyday transactions, made easy

Set up invoices the way you want and generate bills in a couple clicks.

Integrated Payments (with preferred rates)

Control your payment terminal from Plato - and manage competitive transaction rates.

Improve your cash flow with credit packages

Allow patients to pay an upfront deposit for future treatment. Give patients flexibility and improve your cash flow.

Build patient loyalty with upfront purchases

Enable patients to buy preset packages of products and services upfront. As packages draw down, track outstanding liabilities easily.

Comprehensive Inventory Management

From dispensing to reporting, stock management is easier with Plato.

Manage pricing setup and updates easily

Set up and change your inventory list in bulk. Plato helps you keep your pricing list updated.

Smart reminders and automated pricing rules

Make better decisions by having key dispensing information available front and centre. Reduce your team’s pricing errors by setting automated pricing rules at dispensing.

A full procurement flow

Manage procurement completely within Plato. Whether you want a simple setup or a full procurement flow with three-way matching, Plato has you covered.

Insightful and extensive inventory reports

Understand stock profit margins, inventory movement, and know what stock you have on hand. Make better decisions with Plato.

Optimize your inventory for aesthetic medicine

Whether you’re managing consumables, injections, or products - Plato makes inventory management easy.

Reporting that grows with you

Start with Plato’s comprehensive reporting - if your requirements grow in complexity, extend your reporting with custom analytics.

Comprehensive reporting

From key revenue reports to the ability to evaluate your referral channels, Plato has all the reporting you need to maintain the health of your business.

Everything your accountant needs

Work more easily with your accountant. Give your accountant a dedicated Plato login and even link your Plato with your accountant’s Xero.

Reward high performers and manage revenue sharing

Track the transactions generated by each team member and export these into Excel - commission management is easy with Plato.

Get the answers you need with custom analytics

Want to go beyond Plato’s standard reporting? Extend Plato’s reporting with PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik, or Mode.

Extend your practice online

Build relationships with patients even after they leave your practice.

Make it easier for patients to book a follow-up

Send automated recall messages to help patients book their next appointment. Increase conversion with online appointment booking.

Set up a virtual storefront with Shopify

Does your patient need to pick-up a product? Are you building branded products for your patients? Link your Plato with Shopify and manage your revenue from one place.

Check in with patients virtually

Post-procedure care is easier with Plato. Arrange a virtual consult with PlatoConnect, manage remote payment through PlatoPay, and even deliver items to your patient as part of follow-up care.

Help patients visualize their progress

Share notes with patients - including before and after pictures and information on their progress. Build a brand by helping patients visualize your impact.

Grow your Practice with Plato

Whether you want to grow your practice, or scale from one clinic to many, Plato supports your growth.

Have a strong brand relationship with patients

Plato’s group practice management support lets you build a brand. Enable patients to walk into any clinic location and get a consistent level of care. Build a relationship between your patient and your brand.

Manage your group practice effectively

Plato has everything you need to manage a group practice, in one CMS. Track provider performance and manage compensation, set access restrictions if required, and enable your front desk to support multiple providers.

Grow one clinic into a chain

Synchronize multiple clinic locations and help them work together. Clearly see what treatments were done where, while helping teams at different locations work together.

Empower your HQ to drive growth

Give your HQ secure and remote access to performance, marketing, and operations data and let them drive growth for your practice.

Plato keeps your data secure

From encryption best practices to extensive access restrictions, Plato keeps your data secure.

Encryption in-flight and at-rest

Plato uses AES-256 encryption and SSL certificates to keep your data protected. Whether your data is in-flight or at-rest, Plato ensures that it’s secure.

Maintain multiple backups

Plato maintains multiple backups of your data in the cloud. You can also download and hold a copy of your data, giving you peace of mind.

Robust access controls

The access controls your clinic sets are a key part of your security - ensure that users are only able to access what they need to complete their work.

Your choice of SSO

Link Plato to your Single Sign-On Software of choice - Google SSO, Okta, or Azure AD. Centrally reinforce user and password management at an organizational level.

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