Collaborate to  Improve Care

Whether you’re forming a care team or working with a patient, share select records and referral information, and improve patient outcomes.

Collaborate with colleagues, and improve outcomes

Whether you’re sending a referral, or working with a colleague on a complex case, share key records and improve the patient experience.

Generate a referral letter in a few clicks

Banish double entry. Use templates to generate referral letters and reports in a few clicks, instead of rewriting key information.

Securely share key records with care team members

Provide greater context to members of a patient’s care team by securely sharing key information with them.

Manage Outgoing Referrals Effectively

Track and manage different outgoing referrals - know where patients have been referred, rescind access to records if needed, and follow up on your patient’s progress.

Monitor and manage incoming referrals

Understand what channels, partners, and providers are bringing patients to your practice. Choose which channels to invest in.

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Provide patient centric care

Meaningfully engage patients in their own treatment: share key records and milestones with patients, and empower them to improve their health.

Make scheduling follow up appointments easier

Send automated follow up messages to encourage patients to complete their care. Use online appointment booking to let patients schedule from anywhere, anytime.

Give patients insight into their own health

Share select records with patients to give them a better understanding of their health. Patients who see and understand their records are better engaged with their care plan.

Engage and empower caregivers

Sharing key notes with caregivers gives them greater insight into their loved ones condition and care. Align with caregivers on care plans and goals.

Extend your care beyond your practice

From scheduling a virtual visit to engaging your patient through patient education, support your patients after they physically leave your practice.

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Track the performance of your network

Whether you’re checking on outbound referrals or evaluating inbound referral channels, get the metrics you need to manage your time.

Analyze and optimize your clinic’s growth

Understand which channels are bringing you patients, and where most of your patients are going. Nurture these channels and grow your practice.

Follow up on outbound referrals and improve care

Follow up with a patient after you’ve referred them to a colleague. Plato makes it easier to care for patients after they’ve left your office.