Comprehensive  Inventory Management

Plato simplifies your clinic’s inventory management, from automatic pricing rules to generating key insights on profitability.

Effortless Dispensing at Your Front Line

Great inventory management starts at dispensing.

Sell the right stock at the right price

Plato’s smart alerts minimise dispensing errors. Get key data like stock levels and pricing details front and centre.

Speed up dispensing

Automate work with packages, so dispensing becomes more efficient. Bundle items together and dispense in a click.

Automate dispensing rules

Limit which staff can dispense what items with Plato’s access restrictions. Set min and max price levels for different inventory items.

Simplify Corporate billing

Plato remembers pricing details, so staff don’t have to. Bill accurately with automated billing rules that auto-update prices at dispensing.

Trusted by over 2500 healthcare providers in Southeast Asia

All-Inclusive Stock Management

No matter your clinic’s size, Plato’s extensive stock management has what you need.

Simple yet comprehensive

From managing supplier orders and attaching key documents, to tracking stock levels and inventory movements, Plato’s inventory management system has everything a clinic needs.

Efficiently update in bulk

Whether you run one clinic or fifty, updating your inventory is a breeze with Plato. Save time by updating prices or inventory lists in bulk.

Multi-location management

Set billing rules and access restrictions by location. Manage authorised stock transfers precisely - see who moved what items, where and when.

Full procurement workflows

Consolidate orders at HQ to negotiate for better prices and lower costs. Manage inventory accurately with Plato’s 3-way matching. Allow only authorised personnel to order stock using Plato’s role-based access restrictions.

Key Inventory Reporting

Make better business decisions with valuable inventory insights.

Understand inventory movement

Get insights to your inventory from ordering to dispensing. Improve reordering and keep stock levels healthy.

Manage inventory profitability

No matter what inventory valuation method you use, Plato’s extensive reporting has what you need to automatically track profit margins and commissions.

Have the right data on hand

Plato’s flexible, interactive reports let you generate the data you need - fast. Export to excel, backdate reports, or filter by key categories.

Generate custom reports

Want to extend on Plato’s comprehensive reporting? Use custom analytics to build specialized reporting using data from Plato. Plato makes it easy to find the answers you need.

Plato makes inventory management easy for you

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