Plato: A better way to manage the  third party billing cycle

Clinics are part of an integrated healthcare ecosystem - manage third party payors like hospitals, insurers, and TPAs easily with Plato.

Manage the complete third party billing cycle with Plato

From first invoice to follow up, manage corporate, hospital and TPA billing effectively with Plato.

Add payors to bills with a click

Record which payors are covering each bill easily. Keep your accounting simple - Plato allows multiple payors to be associated with one invoice. Cut through the complexity of corporate billing.

Set billing rules and reduce claim rejection

Insurers and TPAs (Third Party Administrators) may have non-standard pricing, copays, or coverage. Automatically manage changing prices, discounts, and restrictions by pre-setting billing rules in Plato.

Configure invoices to speed up payment

Give third party payors the information they need to complete payment. Configure invoices to include/exclude key patient and payment information. Generate a suite of billing documents using Plato.

Track admin charges and payment time frames

Evaluate which third party payors are the best partners - use Plato’s native reporting or BI Connectors to compare payor payment time frames and fees.

Trusted by over 2500 healthcare providers in Southeast Asia

Banish Bad Debt

Ensure every third party invoice is paid.

Ensure no payment is missed

It can take third party payors months to process invoices. Use Plato’s corporate billing system to make sure every bill is fully paid.

Clear payments in bulk and save time

Hospitals, Corporates, and TPAs often make bulk payments, paying for multiple invoices at once. Record payments in bulk, and spend less time reviewing third party bills.

Spend less time chasing corporates for payment

Billing correctly - with the right codes and documents - reduces time to payment. Plato enables you to set billing rules and store key documents securely within your clinic platform.

Manage rejected claims with PlatoPay

Sometimes claims just don’t get accepted. If a payor rejects a bill, the patient becomes the payor. Securely hold patient cards on file to make it easy for them to clear rejected claims.

Want to spend less time on corporate billing?

Plato can help