Just what the doctor ordered -  results in your Integrated EMR

Plato works with the select lab and radiology centres to allow you to receive results without leaving your EMR. Do everything in one place.

Receive and Review Direct Results in Plato’s Integrated EMR


Receive lab reports with context

Receive PDFs directly from labs. See patient’s lab data in the PDF format defined by the managing lab.

Review direct radiology reports

See PDF reports within Plato, and launch your radiology DICOM viewer with a click.

Review results in a dedicated inbox

Just as you receive a stack of paper reports from your facility provider, receive reports to your dedicated inbox - ensure nothing is missed.

Reduce data entry

Ban scanning at your practice - direct results populate right into your EMR, saving you and your staff time spent on scanning an uploading.

Follow up with patients seamlessly

If a result is unusual, follow up with patients with a click - straight from your results inbox.

Share results with collaborating caregivers and physicians

Give collaborating colleagues and caregivers the context needed to provide the best patient care possible.

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