Run an integrated practice, use Plato's  Developer Platform

Securely link either your software with Plato, and reduce double entry.

Trusted by over 2500 healthcare providers in Southeast Asia

Build on Plato

Integrate in-house software with Plato’s API, and ensure data accuracy.

Give your clinic group an edge

Connect Plato with key internal software at your clinic group. Reduce work for your HQ and give your clinic group the edge that comes with running an integrated practice.

Build your dream project

Have an idea for a patient-facing healthcare app? Link your software with your Plato, and better serve your patients.

Free Integration for in-house software

If you’re building a custom software in-house, integration and access to the developer platform is free.

Manage SAP and Procurement integration

Work with third party vendors to integrate Plato with SAP, an in-house accounting system, or your in-house procurement system.

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Building a healthcare app? Join Plato’s Developer Partner Programme.

Commercial apps built on Plato’s infrastructure must be registered with Plato. Find out how to register, and work with Plato to build your reach into the Plato network.

Registration is a must

All commercial apps with more than one integration with a Plato customer must be registered. Register now to avoid losing access to your customer’s Plato accounts.

Have a voice in Plato’s development

As a developer partner, have a voice in Plato’s product development.

Reach out to Plato for support

Plato supports developer partners with access to testing accounts and answers to support queries.

Have access to join marketing opportunities

Plato co-markets with select partners. As a developer partner, you will have the opportunity to participate in marketing activities that will grow your user base.

It’s easy to build on Plato

Plato’s developer platform is built on a RESTful API.

Battle Tested Developer Docs

Plato’s Developer Docs are widely used, platform agnostic, and well developed. Integrate easily.

Integrate with any Module

Plato’s philosophy is to not keep you siloed - link your products or verified commercial products to Plato quickly and easily.

Secure Data Transmission

With HTTPS and SSL Certificates, Plato ensures data transmission and receipt are secure.

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