Plato is your Practice’s  Operating System

Let Plato be at the heart of your clinic operations.

Create your records, your way

Manage medical records and patient care from one place - Plato.

Create your casenotes, your way

Write, type, draw, and even use Plato as your transcriptionist. Store any file type or size. Create your records, your way.

Clear, organized records

Format notes for clarity. Add tables, highlights, and format text to ensure that records are organized and key information can be found quickly.

Carry your notes with you

As a web-based system, you can securely access Plato anywhere. Use Plato on mobile while observing patients, or even work from home.

Collaborate to improve care

Share notes with key healthcare colleagues and caregivers, and improve patient care through collaboration. Track inbound and outbound referrals, and improve follow up. If you’re working with labs or radiology providers, receive direct results.

Trusted by over 2500 healthcare providers in Southeast Asia

Reduce work for your Front Desk

Less admin work for your front desk means more time for patients.

Clients prefer making appointments online

Clients and patients of all ages prefer practices that offer online appointment booking - because they book an appointment from anywhere, anytime. Make appointment booking more convenient for clients and patients, and reduce work for your staff.

Reduce patient wait times with pre-registration

Send clients a link to pre-register their details in advance and reduce wait times by letting them fill in their registration details from the comfort of home.

Build trust with clients using digital consents

Before a visit, send your clients digital consent forms for their procedure or treatment. Digital consent forms offer greater accuracy, clarity, and efficiency - garnering greater trust from patients.

Automated, contactless payment with PlatoPay

Use “Card Not Present” PlatoPay to manage pre-payments/cancellation fees before clients arrive at your practice. Use PlatoPay Terminal to control your terminal from Plato, reducing reconciliation errors and double entry.

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Setup Client-Centric Operations

From first appointment to the end of visit, Plato makes clinic operations easier for patients and providers.

Highly organized appointment booking

Build your calendar the way you want - with multiple views, the ability to manage multiple providers and rooms, and an easy to use interface, Plato makes appointment management easy for your team.

Optimize your patient queue

Your queue makes clinic traffic management a lot easier at your clinic. Ensure providers each see their own queue, while letting your front desk manage operations centrally.

Make wait times more comfortable

Your clients don’t have to be at your clinic to queue. Call clients and patients back to the clinic with an SMS.

Build your own workflows

Plato is flexible - choose your own queue setup, add and remove fields from your registration page, and decide whether you want to allow appointments or walk-ins. Choose your own workflows.

A Billing System you can Count On

Improve your cashflow and automate work with Plato.

Billing made easy

From standard everyday transactions, to credit notes and packages, Plato is extensive while still being easy to use.

Comprehensive package management

Manage any type of upfront package. Track and manage package usage. Improve your cash flow and enable clients to focus on care.

Use PlatoPay to reduce bad debt and reconciliation errors

Securely hold patient cards on file using “Card not Present” PlatoPay. Control the PlatoPay Terminal directly from Plato, and eliminate reconciliation errors.

Highly configurable billing workflows

Plato gives you a toolbox of different solutions to make billing easy - set the workflows that best suit your practice.

Use Plato as your Clinic Operating System, and automate the work of one person.

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Extend your Practice Online

Support your clients after they leave your practice.

Help clients complete their care

Client care is rarely complete in one visit. Help clients stay on track with their treatment using recalls: reminders to book a follow up visit and complete a treatment plan.

Support your clients beyond your practice

Strengthen relationships with clients even after they leave your practice. Securely share key notes and plans with clients, engaging them in their care.

Give your care team the full picture

Securely share key notes with collaborating care providers, giving them the context they need to work with clients to make healthcare decisions.

Run a fully virtual practice

Support patients virtually. A virtual visit starts with an online appointment. Patients then see you via PlatoConnect, Plato’s secure teleconsult service. Complete the visit with PlatoPay, and simplify payment management for you and your client.

Monitor the Pulse of your Business with Plato’s “Intelligence”

Comprehensive reporting that helps you monitor and grow your practice.

Monitor daily operations

Daily reports are essential to managing your operations. Track daily revenue, profits, and activities, and ensure your practice is running smoothly.

Keep your accountant happy

Plato’s reporting is best practice, extensive, and securely accessible to your accountant. Automate work for your staff and accountant with Plato.

Reporting that helps you grow

Grow your practice with Plato. Monitor which marketing channels help you grow, track the growth of new locations and providers, and see what products and services are most profitable at your practice.

Exportable and extensible

Your data is not siloed in Plato. Export any report to Excel and analyze data. Need a custom report? Link your clinic system with leading business intelligence software, and answer your questions with data.

Grow your Practice with Plato

Whether you want to grow your practice, or scale from one clinic to many, Plato supports your growth.

Manage provider compensation effectively

Track provider performance and compensate team members fairly. If you wish, allow providers access to their unique billing records, and build a positive and transparent work environment.

Enable group practitioners to work from anywhere

Access Plato anywhere with an internet connection. Whether you’re using a tablet while physically working with a patient, or meeting a patient for observation, Plato can come with you.

Work together to care for clients

At a group practice, providers sometimes work together to care for clients - selectively share client folders, and enable collaboration while maintaining client privacy.

Empower your HQ to drive growth

Give your HQ secure and remote access to performance, marketing, and operations data and let them drive growth for your practice.

Plato keeps your data secure

From encryption best practices to extensive access restrictions, Plato keeps your data secure.

Encryption in-flight and at-rest

Plato uses AES-256 encryption and SSL certificates to keep your data protected. Whether your data is in-flight or at-rest, Plato ensures that it’s secure.

Maintain multiple backups

Plato maintains multiple backups of your data in the cloud. You can also download and hold a copy of your data, giving you peace of mind.

Robust access controls

The access controls your clinic sets are a key part of your security - ensure that users are only able to access what they need to complete their work.

Your choice of SSO

Link Plato to your Single Sign-On Software of choice - Google SSO, Okta, or Azure AD. Centrally reinforce user and password management at an organizational level.

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