Meet Plato, your  Clinic's Operating System

Go beyond clinic software

Plato is your Clinic’s OS - the only platform you need to build an efficient, automated practice

Automate the work of one person

From EMR automations to the ability to automate all of the work of your front desk, automate a person’s worth of admin work at Plato.

An EMR you can love

Work your way. Create notes the way you want to. Plato’s integrated EMR gives you the time and space to focus on patients. Discover Plato’s integrated EMR.

One platform, for all your needs

Manage your work through a single platform - from direct lab and radiology results, to integrated payments - all your work can be done through Plato.

Patient-centric automation

Make each visit easier for your patient and your team. From patient pre-registration and digital consent forms, to post-visit followup, use Plato to build better patient-clinic relationships.

An EMR you’ll love

Choose the way you work, with Plato

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Create notes, your way

Write, draw, type, or even dictate your notes. With Plato, you can work your way.

Securely access your EMR from anywhere

Take Plato on rounds - or enable your team to work from home. As a secure web-based clinic software, Plato is accessible from anywhere.

Build powerful forms

Want your team to follow structured workflows? Plato’s form builder enables you to set the workflows you want.

An integrated EMR

Receive and manage direct lab and radiology results, without leaving your clinic management system.

Specialist-specific EMR

Leverage an existing specialist module within Plato, or build the modules you need independently using Plato’s form builder. Plato is your medical clinic’s OS.

Dentists, chart quickly

Charting is easy with Plato. Refer to a beautiful, simple dental chart. Chart in a few clicks. Repeat charts as required. Plato is your dental clinic’s OS.

Choose Plato, your Clinic’s OS

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Run a Contactless Front Desk

Have Plato run your front desk for you - or simply automate work for your team.

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Pre-register patients

Send patients a pre-registration link in advance, and let them fill in their data before they arrive at your practice. Reduce wait times with pre-registration.

Build trust with digital consents

Digital consent forms offer greater accuracy, clarity, and efficiency than paper forms. Enable patients to consent meaningfully by allowing them to review consent forms in detail.

Delight patients with online appointment booking

Patients prefer clinics with online appointment booking. Enable patients to book appointments in advance with Plato. Keep your schedule filled with Plato.

Eliminate billing errors with PlatoPay Terminal

Control your payment terminal without leaving Plato - automate work and eliminate billing and reconciliation errors. Integrate payments with PlatoPay.

Medical Billing, Simplified

Minimise bad debt, eliminate paperwork. Plato simplifies the critical, but complex, medical billing process.

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Complex billing made simple

From invoices to credit notes, Plato’s medical billing is clear, easy, and intuitive.

Configurable billing rules

Bill accurately with specific rules. Let Plato auto-update prices by patient group or restrict items at dispensing for certain Corporate claims.

Unlimited payment methods

Add your own payment methods (or a payment QR code) to Plato. Your clinic software should make innovation easy.

Invoices, your way

Configure your invoices so that they’re an extension of your brand. Add fine print, QR codes for payment, and your terms of service.

TPA, Hospital, and Corporate Billing

Is a third party paying for a customer or collecting payment on your behalf? Use Plato’s Corporate Billing module to ensure every third party bill is paid.

Integrated “Card not Present” Payments

Hold patient credit cards on file. Remotely and securely charge patients to cover bad debt, claims rejections, and telehealth. Integrate payments with PlatoPay.

Build a community around your practice

Collaborate, build relationships, improve care, and enhance patient outcomes.

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Collaborate with colleagues

Share structured, formatted notes with your colleagues. Collaborate to improve patient outcomes. Build a collaborative Specialist, GP or Dental practice.

Improve clinic-patient communication

Give patients their summary notes and lab results, and empower them to follow their care plan. Get direct lab/radiology results in your EMR.

Support caregivers

Provide caregivers a referenceable care plan, and enable them to better support the patients they care for.

Speed up referral management

There’s a better way to do referrals - use templates to draft referral letters, and share each letter in a few clicks.

Build a Brand by being Patient-centric

From first interaction to follow-up, create a lasting impression on patients.

Increase conversion with online appointment booking

Using digital marketing? The best way to convert a prospect to a patient is through an online appointment - let patients book a visit in a click. How to win over patients online.

Reduce wait times

Allow patients to pre-register their biodata and review consent forms before arriving at the clinic. Reduce wait times for everyone.

Build relationships with notes sharing

Share notes with patients and caregivers, and build lasting relationships around your practice.

Help patients complete care with recalls

Use recalls to automatically remind patients to come for regular checkups and post-op follow-up care. Recalls: the powerful tool for continuous care.

Integrate online appointment booking and recalls

Add online appointment booking to your recall messages, and help patients complete their follow-up care. Patients prefer providers with online appointment booking.

Inventory Management that Grows with You

Scalable and automation driven inventory management

Speed up dispensing

Great inventory management starts at dispensing. Automate work with packages - bundle items together and dispense in a click. Minimise dispensing errors with smart alerts by referencing up-to-date stock levels and price details.

Track stock effectively

Get clarity over stock levels and movements. Understand stock movement - from supplier orders and adjustments to transfers across clinic locations. Plato simplifies end-to-end stock management for clinics of all sizes.

Implement full procurement workflows

Consolidate orders at HQ to negotiate for better prices and lower costs. Manage inventory accurately with Plato’s 3-way matching.

Inventory rules and controls

Ensure only authorised staff order and manage stock using Plato’s access restrictions. Set rules like min and max price for different items.

Update inventory efficiently

Making extensive changes to your inventory becomes a breeze with Plato, regardless whether you run one clinic or fifty. Save time by updating prices or inventory lists in bulk.

Electronic Pharmacy Management

Manage medicine easily. Set reminders for patients to manage refills, create templates to ensure relevant medical data is conveyed to patients.

Comprehensive reporting

Have a unique workflow? Extend Plato’s inbuilt reports with Custom Analytics. Plato’s extensive, interactive reports auto-generate results instantly for clinics of all sizes. Export to excel, backdate reports, or filter by key categories.

Barcode integration

Dispense and bill efficiently with barcode scanning. Scan dispensed medication to cross-check that it matches the prescription. Improve billing accuracy by ensuring correct items are charged to your patient.

Run a fully virtual clinic

Clinic management software for your virtual and physical clinic

Run a fully virtual clinic, in a few steps

Enable patients to book teleconsults using online appointment booking, pre-register virtually, and hold a credit card on file to pay for their virtual visit - manage every step of your teleconsult with Plato.

Teleconsult with PlatoConnect

Teleconsults are easy with PlatoConnect. Send your patient a secure link to join a P2P connection with you - no installation required. Multiple parties can join PlatoConnect calls.

Manage teleconsults with PlatoPay

Derisk virtual visits - ask patients to put a credit card on file prior to joining a teleconsult, and use “Card Not Present” PlatoPay to ensure every visit can be paid for.

Let caregivers join in-person visits, remotely

Multiple people can join a PlatoConnect call. Add caregivers or other providers on your care team and coordinate care from one place.

Post call, keep supporting patients

After a call is complete, deliver medicine with G-MEDS, help patients schedule a follow-up, or share a note with a care plan for your patient. Comprehensive practice management encompasses follow-up care.

Get everything you need on one platform: Plato

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Position your clinic chain to grow

Clinic chains prefer Plato.

Automate work at every branch

At every branch, automate work. Plato goes beyond a typical practice management software - it automates the work of one person at every branch. Whether you want to run a light team or increase patient volume - Plato supports you.

One Patient, One Record

Enable your patients to experience interactions with your brand. Your patients can step into any clinic and receive care with full context.

Centralize decision-making at HQ

Enable your HQ to manage central ordering, central claims processing, and review clinic-level analytics centrally. Let your HQ manage decisions, while your clinics focus on operations.

Build using Plato’s Developer Platform

Plato is more than a clinic software, it’s a clinic management platform you can build on. Link key third-party apps or build a new app on Plato.

Get answers and insights with Custom Analytics

Link Plato with PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik, or Mode and monitor the metrics that matter most for your clinic chain.

Track what happened and where

Plato is built for clinics with multiple locations. From inventory to billing transactions, track who did what and where.

Leverage your size with centralized procurement

Plato’s inbuilt central procurement module helps you leverage your size - consolidate orders from multiple clinics, and lower supplier costs with bulk purchasing.

Choose Innovation

Plato consistently builds key linkages, features, and integrations first. Adopt Plato and maintain an innovation advantage over competitors.

Protect your clinic with Plato

Plato uses best practices to secure your data.

Plato tracks and adopts security best practices

Security requires ongoing investment. Plato updates and improves your security regularly, so you are always protected.

AES-256 Encryption and SSL Certificates

Keep your data protected with Plato’s AES-256 Encryption and SSL Certificates. Plato keeps your data encrypted in-flight and at-rest, so it’s always secure.

MTCS Level 3 or above servers

Singapore’s IMDA recommends that data be managed in MTCS Level 3 or above servers - Plato ensures your data is stored using PDPA-compliant methods.

Your Choice of SSO

Upgrade your security using SSO - enable your users to access all systems at your clinic, including Plato, using a central Single Sign-on Service. Plato with SSO lays your password fatigue to rest.

Granular Access Controls

Choose what roles and access restrictions are relevant to your practice. Ensure users only see and access what’s needed to fulfill their role.

Multi-factor Authentication

Go beyond usernames and passwords to protect your data. Plato enables you to upgrade your security with Multi-Factor Authentication.

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