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Whether you’re a lab/radiology centre, app developer, or business intelligence expert - get listed on Plato and grow.

Lab and Radiology Providers

Want to implement direct ordering or results through the Plato Platform? Email to see if you qualify for Plato’s lab/radiology partner programme.

App Developers

Commercial apps linking with Plato must be listed - and listed apps get more support. Work directly with Plato to grow your user base.

Business Intelligence Experts

Healthcare analytics is a growing field. If you’re working to help healthcare providers power their decisions with data, feel free to reach out.

Direct Claims Checking/Submission

TPA and insurance claims management are a labor intensive part of healthcare billing. If you’re a TPA or insurer who wants to streamline its work, contact Plato about working together on integration.

Planning to partner with Plato?

Drop us an email at

Are you an excellent service provider?

Plato lists and recommends excellent service providers to its user base, to reduce their work.

Hardware Partners

New clinics often prefer to outsource their hardware setup to a third party. If you’re an expert and networking, label printer setup, and your customers are always happy - let us know. Plato maintains a list of excellent hardware providers which we send to new clinics (it's free to list). To express your intention, email

Accounting Partners

Healthcare billing is unique. Whether you’re familiar with clinic billing, or encountering a Plato customer for the first time, we’re happy to work with you to teach you where to find key data. Register for a training session, or join us as a referral partner by emailing