Meet Plato, your Group’s  Operating System

Plato automates work across every step of your clinic operations - it’s more than a clinic software, it’s your clinic’s OS.

Grow your practice into a chain

Plato makes scaling your practice easy: automate work at every clinic location, set clear processes, and manage your clinic centrally from an HQ.

Reduce work for your whole team

From your HQ to your frontline, Plato reduces work for every team member. At clinics, automate the work of one team member. Stream key operations and performance data to HQ, letting them manage your group centrally.

Centralize Administration

Empower your HQ. Move corporate billing, procurement, and administrative work to HQ’s office, and empower them to grow and administer your practice.

Manage Central Procurement

Manage the full procurement flow without leaving Plato - aggregate orders from different clinic locations and negotiate centrally with suppliers to get lower prices.

Drive growth with data

As your clinic group grows, track the metrics that matter most. Grow your practice using Plato’s standard reports, or use custom analytics to measure your secret sauce.

Trusted by over 2500 healthcare providers in Southeast Asia

Group practice management, made easy

Build and support a team of healthcare providers at your practice.

Track and manage provider performance

Track and manage provider performance - see who did what and when, and compensate high performers without cutting into profit margins.

Manage group operations easily

Manage group operations smoothly - know which patients should be going where, book different providers fully, and send out provider specific reminders and emails.

Enable collaboration and keep data private

Choose which data should be shared between providers, and restrict providers from accessing information that goes beyond the scope of their work.

Manage multiple providers through a single front desk

Enable your front desk to manage multiple providers effectively. An integrated clinic platform combined with automations, means you can add providers to your practice without needing to expand the team at your front desk.

Choose a software that helps you grow.

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Build the Patient-Brand Relationship

Enable your patients to walk into any of your clinics and receive a consistent brand experience.

Patients are at the heart of your group practice. Give them a consistent care experience, setting standard workflows across every clinic branch. Make each patient record centrally available to the patient’s current healthcare provider, and enable providers to make healthcare decisions with context. Work as a group to build a brand that resonates with patients. Coordination starts with your clinic Operating System - Plato.

Build your brand with Plato.

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Empower your HQ to grow your group

From the ability to manage processes centrally, to the right data at the right time, Plato helps you grow your group.

Use custom analytics to measure and drive growth

Management starts with measurement - track the key metrics underpinning your unique growth strategy, and scale faster and more profitably.

Improve profit margins using central procurement

Order as a collective - use Plato’s procurement flow to coordinate and match Purchase Requests and Orders, and improve your inventory profit margins.

Track and manage corporate contracts centrally

Manage corporate, insurance, and TPA payments centrally. Process more patients at your front lines and track and negotiate admin charges effectively.

Build your marketing and branding strategy as a group

Use custom analytics to understand and optimize your patient acquisition cost, and choose the right channels. Use online appointment booking to make your digital marketing more effective.

Adopting Plato helps you build your brand.

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Healthcare providers, Plato is your operating system.

Plato for Specialists

Use Plato’s integrated EMR to create notes, your way. Plato helps you automate the work of one person across each clinic. Spend less time on admin work, and more time with patients. Learn More →

Plato for GPs

Process each patient efficiently, and with minimal paperwork. Grow your practice by building your digital presence in your neighborhood, or by using Plato to effectively manage third party payors. Automate the work of one person at your practice. Learn More →

Plato for Dentists

Attract more patients and build strong relationships with existing patients. Run a contactless front desk and automate the work of one person at your practice. Grow your practice efficiently with Plato. Learn More →

Plato for Allied Health

Build a patient-centric practice with Plato. Use Plato’s engagement tools to make it easier for patients to book first appointments and follow-ups. Plato’s EMR makes it easy to create extensive, formatted, visual notes. Automate the work of one person at your practice. Learn More →