Measure, Manage, and Grow your practice using  Plato's "Intelligence"

Plato’s comprehensive reporting gives you the data you need to build and grow your practice.

Reporting that Grows with you

Extensive, configurable business intelligence

Comprehensive reporting

Plato’s in-built reports are comprehensive - everything you need to keep your finger on the pulse of your business’ health.

Interactive Business Intelligence

Use filters and selectors to configure reports with a click. Delve into your data and find the insights you need to grow your practice.

Easily Exportable

Export any report to Excel, and do in-house data analysis. Your data is not siloed with Plato.

Extend Plato’s Reporting with Custom Analytics

Planning to scale your practice? With a Plato BI Connector, you can link Plato to leading BI software and build the reporting you need.

Get insights for every stage of your clinic’s growth in Plato

Monitor the financial pulse of your business

Operations and Accounting reports that keep your practice running smoothly.

Optimize your operations and inventory

Use Plato’s operations and inventory reports to track inventory usage, patient volume, and improve the patient experience.

Support your accountant effectively

Provide your accountant with direct access to all business intelligence and reporting required to manage your accounting and compliance requirements.

Secure your financial data

Use Plato’s access controls to ensure your clinic’s employees and consultants only see the data they need to do their work - and not more than that.

Build your practice with Data

Measure, Manage, and Grow with Plato’s reporting

Make your marketing spend more accurate

Plato’s reporting helps you use data to understand your patient base, which channels bring them to your clinic, and where you can spend your marketing budget to grow your practice.

Negotiate effectively with suppliers

Plato’s inventory reporting is comprehensive and scalable. Whether you want to keep inventory management simple, or use a procurement flow to negotiate with suppliers, Plato has you covered.

Grow into a group practice

Whether you’re running one clinic or many, or working with one provider or multiple, easily see who did what and where. Use Plato’s reports to track and reward individual performance.

Scale with custom analytics

Planning to scale your practice to a large group? Use Plato’s BI Connectors to link Plato with the BI tool of your choice, and build the custom reports you need to get growing.

Manage and grow a data-driven practice with Plato

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