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Measurement is Management

Use custom analytics to build on your strengths.

Custom analytics is necessary for clinics that aspire to do more. This could mean growing a clinic into a clinic chain, conducting advanced research, improving patient outcomes, or building a new healthcare business model. If your healthcare practice or group is unique, custom analytics can help you track the key metrics that measure your growth.

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Custom Analytics in Practice

Grow your practice

Growing from a few clinics into a chain? Data lets you track the metrics that matter most. Whether it’s gaining a precise understanding of customer acquisition costs, measuring your secret sauce, or deep diving into operational metrics to improve the patient experience at your clinic, Plato has you covered.

Incorporate value based healthcare

Track patient outcomes and benchmark against common standards. Improve care outcomes and better the patient experience. Negotiate with Third Party Administrators and Insurers using your data on value based care.

Drive research at your practice

Extend your practice with research. BI Connectors make it easy to select and pull key information into reports, enabling you to back your research with data.

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