A Billing System you can  Count On

Medical and dental billing is complicated. From corporate billing to everyday transactions, Plato cuts through billing complexities, letting your team focus on payment.

Your everyday transactions, made easy

Billing systems should be simple - even if healthcare billing isn’t. With Plato, every billing transaction is straightforward for your staff and clear to your accountant.

Optimize your billing system

Your clinic is unique. Update payment modes, brand and add service terms to your invoices, and even set up paperless invoicing through your clinic platform. Building best practice workflows is easy with Plato.

Comprehensive healthcare billing

Healthcare billing can get complicated. Manage every billing scenario using Plato - everyday transactions, debt management, quotations, credit notes, deposits and more. Track every transaction with ease.

Billing to improve your cashflow

Billing workflows impact clinic cashflow. Adopt cashflow enhancing billing workflows like pre-paid packages and quotations. Spot, measure, and manage debt using Plato’s comprehensive reporting and PlatoPay.

Automate billing work

You can reduce the work of billing - repeat items, dosages, and prices/. Find yourself ordering groups of items? Dispense them altogether with a click. Plato makes your billing less manual - and saves you time.

Trusted by over 2500 healthcare providers in Southeast Asia

Comprehensive Third Party Payor Management

Cut through complexity and shorten billing cycles, whether your clinic is managing a hospital bill, government submission, or TPA/insurance claim.

Complete third party billing lifecycles in Plato

Third party payors like TPAs, Hospitals, and Insurers need to manage from first claim to payment. Plato helps you track and manage every step: claim, document submission, and payment.

Automate billing rules and discounts

Different insurers and TPAs have varying rules: some will not reimburse particular items, others will demand discounts, or even increase prices. Plato remembers your billing rules - so you don’t have to.

Manage hospital billing in your CMS

Hospital billing cycles are long. Store key documents in Plato, track that payments are fully reimbursed, and ensure admin charges are calculated fairly. Choose a clinic software that helps you ensure every bill is paid.

Help patients manage large bills more easily

Use quotations and recurring payments to help patients manage large bills. Break down payments into bite-sized chunks, reduce your risk and support your patients.

Ready for simpler, faster medical billing?

Upgrade to Plato

Plato is the Operating System for your Business

Link your front office and back office on a single platform, and reduce data entry and billing errors.

Give your accountant access to key reports

Enable your accountant to download key reports directly from Plato, and save work for your staff. Your accountant can export any report to Excel.

Eliminate reconciliation errors with PlatoPay Terminal

Control your payment terminal from Plato, reduce double entry, and eliminate reconciliation errors. Save your staff and accountant hours of time.

Reduce Bad Debt with PlatoPay

Securely hold patient cards on file and let patients complete bill payments without returning to the clinic. Reduce bad debt and increase patient convenience with PlatoPay.

Link Plato with Xero

Let your Plato transactions flow through to your accounting system, and reduce data entry for your accounting team. Your accountant and team will be happier.

Billing that grows with you

Expand your practice easily with Plato.

Plato Grows with you

Add clinics and providers to your practice with ease - Plato tracks who does what and where across its software.

Enable your group practice to work together

With a single integrated profile, your patients can step into any clinic location to complete treatment or payment.

Empower your head office to work outside of the clinic

Whether they support you in accounting, marketing, or claims management, Plato makes it easy for your HQ team to work in a physically separate location than your clinic.

Reporting that drives growth

Whether you’re analyzing your clinic’s operations using Plato’s standard reporting, or measuring your secret sauce with Custom Analytics, Plato gives you the information you need to drive growth.

Upgrade from a CMS to an Operating System for your Practice

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