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Who we are

Plato is a Southeast Asian clinic’s Operating System. We support thousands of doctors, dentists, and allied health practitioners as they build their outpatient practices. Outpatient clinics are a key part of Southeast Asia’s healthcare landscape: they provide primary care, support the chronically ill, and guide patients through serious procedures.

Clinics across Southeast Asia grapple with complexity. From managing medical billing to ensuring electronic medical records are readable but complete, clinics manage many different but equally critical processes. Plato cuts through the complexity - we provide a simple, user friendly software that automates the work of one person at the average practice.

Bringing Innovation to Healthcare

Healthcare providers are overworked - from staffing challenges to an aging population, they need automations that work. At Plato, we are deliberate innovators - we bring reliable but new technologies to healthcare providers.

Work-Life Balance

As a subscription software, we believe in stable processes and planning. While the Plato team is disciplined, we encourage our team to have work-life separation, maintain a realistic workload, and value outcomes over facetime.

Honesty, Compassion, and Competence

We are practitioners of radical candor - as a team, we give each other clear but compassionate feedback, regardless of position. We hire team members with prior experience in their core competency - but who are also looking to learn and grow, and develop their teammates.