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Create your medical notes, your way

You’re the expert - set workflows that work for you.

Type, Format, and Build

Prefer typing? Organize your notes with headers, highlights, and tables. Find key information quickly.

Write and Draw

Replace your paper with Plato. Plato’s “Annotations” has the flexibility of paper, while letting your practice stay paperless.

Work from Anywhere

Whether you need to bring your EMR into the Operating Theatre or need to review cases at home, Plato securely travels with you.

Work Efficiently

See a patient’s full history on a single page. Use templates to create checklists. Repeat notes with a click. Plato’s automations will speed up your work.

Let Plato Transcribe

Let Plato be your digital assistant. Plato’s speech to text transcribes your spoken notes, saving you from typing.

Unlimited Storage

Take and store photos, text, and more without worrying about paying more - Plato’s storage is unlimited.

Integrated EMR

Everything you need to care for your patient, in one place.

Direct Lab Results

Get direct lab results delivered right to your EMR. Plato is partnered with Eurofins, Innoquest, and ParkwayHealth Laboratories.

Direct Radiology Results

Review radiology results and images without leaving Plato. Plato is partnered with Radlink, Lifescan Imaging, ParkwayHealth Radiology, and OHM.

GovTech Linkages

Power up your EMR with GovTech linkages. Issue verifiable, Singapore government-backed Digital MCs with DigiMC. Enable patients to pre-register with a click using Singpass.

Patient Engagement

Plato’s App Marketplace offers a suite of patient care tools, so care continues beyond your clinic. Send patients a health survey to monitor their progress or manage their well-being through patient care apps.

Collaborate with Colleagues to Improve Patient Care

Securely share key information with your care team

Securely share notes with a click

Sharing notes is easy - invite colleagues to see designated folders by inviting them with a click. Rescind access when collaboration is complete.

Improve patient outcomes by giving context

Care teams that share notes make better decisions. It’s easier to collaborate with colleagues when key data can be shared without friction.

Use Data to Improve Patient Healthcare Outcomes

Don’t let your data stay siloed. Plato links with best practice platforms like PowerBI, Qlik, Tableau, and Mode, allowing you to securely analyze your healthcare data.

Improve Patient Healthcare Outcomes

Measure patient healthcare outcomes to understand what’s working. Use data to improve your practice or publish research on your findings to support your peers.

Benchmark your Practice

As value-based healthcare becomes more prevalent, benchmark your practice against your peers and stay ahead of the curve.

Make the Patient Experience Better

Analyzing your data leads to insights - use data to understand where and how you can improve the patient experience.

Want to understand more about how you can improve your own practice with data? Read our Whitepapers to find out more.

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