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Configurable clinical notes. Integrated patient records. Automated EMR. A medical system that’s just what the doctor ordered.

Trusted by over 2500 healthcare providers in Southeast Asia

Create your health records, your way

Healthcare providers - you’re the experts. Choose an EMR that works for you.

Work from anywhere

Take your medical records with you - whether you want to open multiple clinic locations, review your EMR at home, or access patient records in the Operating Theater. Access Plato anywhere, while staying secure.

Efficient and automated EMR

Want to work quickly? Choose an EMR that’s as efficient as you are. Repeat key items in a click, group and dispense treatments, and spend less time on record-keeping.

Structure your casenotes

Type and organize your casenotes. Format your notes so key points are immediately visible. Build templates and spend less time managing your medical records.

Configurable to your practice

Create casenotes, your way. Write, draw, type, and even use speech to text. Go paperless, while working the way you want to.

Take and compare photos

Show patients their progress with before and after photos. Control your camera from your EMR.

Unlimited storage

Keep your records safe - store as much as you need, without paying more. Plato’s storage is unlimited.

Integrated EMR

Manage patient care from a single clinic platform.

Integrated lab and radiology results

Plato is linked with major lab and radiology providers including ParkwayHealth Laboratory, Innoquest, Reste Lab, Eurofins, iGene Lab, ParkwayHealth Radiology, Lifescan Imaging, Orthopaedic & Hand MRI (OHM), and RadLink. Review results and assign follow ups in a few clicks, without leaving Plato.

Integrated digital consents

Manage patient consents paperlessly through Plato. Build trust with patients by letting them consider digital consents from their own device. Keep your practice secure and organized.

Reduce work with GovTech integrations

Power up your EMR and save time for your front desk. Issue verifiable DigiMCs and securely retrieve patient details from Singpass. Automate your front desk.

Manage SmartCMS integrations

Check CHAS/CDMP balances and make claim submissions directly from your Plato EMR. Submit data to NIR in a click. Manage your SmartCMS integrations from one place.

Be NEHR-Ready

Ready to start making voluntary submissions to Singapore’s National Electronic Health Records system? Plato is fully linked - start submitting today.

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Build Patient Relationships

Invest in patient relationships without leaving your EMR.

Share notes to improve patient outcomes

Share care plans, key records, and milestones with patients. Help patients better understand their condition and adhere to care by sharing written notes they can refer to - anytime, anywhere.

Use recalls to ensure patients complete their care

Help patients stay committed to their treatment with recalls. Send patients an email or SMS message, reminding them to book their next appointment online.

Differentiate your practice with a patient app

Imagine letting patients join your clinic’s queue, get medicine reminders, or health tips on your clinic’s app. Turn vision into reality by building your patient app on Plato.

Collaborate with Colleagues to Improve Patient Care

Securely share key information with your care team

Securely share notes with a click

Sharing notes is easy - invite colleagues to see designated folders by inviting them with a click. Rescind access when collaboration is complete.

Improve patient outcomes by giving context

Care teams that share notes make better decisions. It’s easier to collaborate with colleagues when key data can be shared without friction.

Use Data to Improve Patient Healthcare Outcomes

Unlock the power of your data. Plato links with PowerBI, Qlik, Tableau, and Mode, making analysis simple and secure.

Improve Patient Healthcare Outcomes

Measure patient healthcare outcomes to understand what’s working. Use data to improve your practice or publish research on your findings to support your peers.

Benchmark your Practice

As value-based healthcare becomes more prevalent, benchmark your practice against your peers and stay ahead of the curve.

Make the Patient Experience Better

Analyzing your data leads to insights - use data to understand where and how you can improve the patient experience.

Want to understand more about how you can improve your own practice with data? Read our white paper to find out more.

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