PlatoPay: Manage payments directly from your clinic software

Integrated payments make it easier for patients to pay, while automating work for your team.

Trusted by over 2500 healthcare providers in Southeast Asia

PlatoPay at your Practice

Make payment convenient

Let patients and caregivers pay from anywhere. From a parent prepaying for an appointment to a patient remotely settling a claim rejection, PlatoPay simplifies payments for patients.

Bring your practice online

Simplified payment processes are the first step to opening a virtual clinic. Collect remote payments and launch virtual care as part of your practice.

Make care accessible

Necessary treatments can be expensive. Break expensive payments into manageable recurring installments, and improve patients' access to your care.

Improve your cash flow

When payment is convenient, collections improve. Simplify the patient payment process and reduce bad debt at your practice.

Simplify payments, automate work. Use PlatoPay.

Upgrade to Plato

Make payment more convenient

No patient wants to return to your practice to pay a bill. “Card not Present” PlatoPay makes payment easier for patients, while improving your cash flow.

Initiate payments

Securely hold patient cards on file and initiate payments for overdue debts and rejected insurance claims.

Simplify billing for international patients

International patients struggle with making overseas payments. Help them cut through red tape with PlatoPay.

Break large bills into bite-sized payments

Let patients pay a large bill in multiple bite-sized payments using automated recurring invoices.

Set up upfront payment for appointments

Let patients pay for services as they book their appointment. Improve your cash flow while ensuring no appointment is missed.

Set up a virtual clinic

Remote patient payments are a prerequisite for running a virtual clinic. PlatoPay makes paying for teleconsultations easy by enabling safe online patient payments.

Give vulnerable patients more independence

Empower children and the elderly to visit your clinic independently, by letting carers make payments remotely.

PlatoPay is safe, secure, and PCI-DSS compliant.

Secure and PCI-DSS Compliant

PlatoPay is encrypted, secure, and PCI-DSS compliant.

Strong Access Controls

Patient card numbers are not visible to you, your staff, or even Plato’s team. Cards can only be charged in relation to an invoice.

Clear Reporting

Clearly see lump-sum PlatoPay transfers in reporting, and understand PlatoPay breakdowns easily.

Integrate payments into your practice.

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