Meet Plato, your  Clinic’s Operating System

Trusted by over 2200 healthcare providers in Southeast Asia

Finally, an EMR to love

Create notes your way, with Plato’s integrated Electronic Medical Records. Write, draw, type, and even use speech to text to create meaningful, clear notes. Plato is an integrated clinic management system - lab results, radiology results, and your colleagues’ referrals all flow seamlessly, letting you do all of your work in a single clinic software.

Automate the work of one person

Automate the work of one person at your practice, by choosing a better CMS. You went into healthcare to support patients and build a practice, not to do admin work and spend hours on medical billing. From automating work at your front desk, to providing an automation-driven medical billing software, Plato does your admin work for you. Save time, and add the power of one to your practice.

One Platform, for all your needs

Manage and grow your practice from a single integrated clinic platform, Plato. Add locations and providers easily, while maintaining a consistent patient experience. Extend your practice online, and open a virtual clinic or online storefront. Implement healthcare data analytics at your practice. Your clinic platform should be the Operating System driving your work - and it should grow and extend with you.

Shift from a CMS to an OS

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