Keep your practice running well with Plato

Plato automates your work and makes practice management easy.

Portable patient records

Use Plato on any device

Do you prefer to write notes on a mobile phone or tablet because it lets you interact more freely with the patient? Plato works well on any device.

Create casenotes your way

Type, write, draw, or even use Plato’s dictation to create medical records your way.

Replace your paper

Write and draw your casenotes on a tablet, using Plato’s writing app. Truly go paperless.

Work from anywhere

Plato is a cloud-based EMR – so you can take it with you when treating patients, or use it to provide

Keep your schedule fully booked.

Let patients book online appointments themselves

Allow patients to book self-service appointments online – let them book anytime, from anywhere.

Reduce appointment cancellations

Do you find certain patients often cancel appointments? Help patients adhere to their schedule by asking them to put down a deposit for their appointment. Send reminders at key junctures to help patients.

Manage patient wait times

Plato makes it easy to track where patients are in their patient journey at your clinic and for how long they’ve been waiting.

Manage multiple providers

Working with partners? Plato makes that easy. Let each therapist manage their own schedule.

Build and expand your healthcare business

Comprehensive, easy to use billing

Plato’s billing is simple enough for a cashier, while giving your accountant all the information they need to do your books easily.

Manage third party payors

Manage third party payors like corporate or insurance entities – track which patients belong to which payor, and send payors the paperwork they need.

All the reports you need

Plato has a full suite of marketing and operations reports that will help you ensure your business is healthy.

Monitor your business health with Plato.

Track which channels are growing your practice

Referrals, Social media, Word of Mouth – what channels bring you patients? Plato helps you track and optimize your channels.

Maintain patient confidentiality as you grow

In a practice with multiple providers, it’s essential to ensure each provider can only see and modify data relevant to their job scope. Plato lets you choose your access restrictions.

Compensate your team based on performance

Track who did what and when, and compensate your growing team based on work done.

One Platform for all your needs

Direct lab and radiology results

With Plato, lab and radiology results can flow directly into your EMR – no need to manually scan them in. Get results faster with Plato.

Integrate third-party apps with Plato

Have a favorite patient or telemedicine app? Integrate that with Plato using our API.

Extend your practice with Telemedicine

Use Plato’s internal telemedicine platform to offer telemedicine to your patients – be there, right when they need you.

  • As a clinic manager, I manage a lot of the medical data entry. Plato lets me do my work more efficiently, and they are available to chat whenever I have a question or need an adjustment to my clinic's system. Some of my colleagues even say that they 'play Plato'. If you want to make your staff happy, I would definitely recommend Plato.

    Ting Ting Clinic Manager, Arden Endocrinology Specialist Clinic
  • Plato's EMR lets me take photos, and write, draw, and annotate on top of these photos. This function is useful for surgeons -- plastic surgeons in particular. Plato is a very secure clinic management system. The security of patient data is paramount to me, and it helps me sleep soundly at night knowing that Plato is guarding my practice

    Dr Marco Faria-Correa
  • Nexus Surgical is a group medical practice, managing 5 locations and 5 doctors. Plato has been able to link up all of our clinics in a single easy to use system. They've also made it a lot easier to manage some of the complicated accounting that arises from managing a specialist group practice. I would definitely recommend Plato!

    Li Kar Leong Clinic Manager, Nexus Surgical
  • I like Plato because it allows me to access my patients' records anywhere and at anytime. It is especially helpful when I'm at the hospital as I no longer need to carry case notes around. I am able to write digitally on case notes, other times I can draw, or even record audio. I can manage records my way with Plato, and that makes my work easier.

    Dr Wilson Tay Apicare Medical
  • Plato is an app which I have been waiting years for. I have always been a Mac user and most of the clinic software are PC based. With the development of this app, it allows me to use it on my iPad Pro, where I write and draw my notes, as I previously did with the physical notes on paper. Now, the clutter of notes filling up shelves in the clinic is a thing of the past. This App also allows full integration of all operations including billing for the patients. In addition, it is completely portable, allowing me to assess it from all my mobile devices. Changing and using Plato is a must as we drive towards a paperless environment.

    Dr Tay Khoon Hean Tay Khoon Hean Surgery
  • Plato's software is easy to use and intuitive. I would recommend it to any clinic interested in a user-friendly practice management tool which easily links with other programs.

    Dr Shaun Thompson Expat Dental
  • Plato has helped me become more efficient in managing my clinic workflow. It is easy to use, beautifully designed and has all the functions I need. I can access it anywhere and I'm able to attend to patients' or doctor's needs immediately. Not only has it improved the workflow of my clinic, it has saved the nurses' time by reducing paperwork and allowed us to give better care to our patients.This system is very fast, powerful and it generates all the essential reports I need easily. After having a lot of issues with our previous EMR provider, we transitioned to Plato. Plato helped us port over our old files onto the new system, and it was a breeze to run our operations on Plato. Thank you Plato!

    Natalie CL Tan Apicare Medical
  • I like Plato because it makes a doctor's work really easy. I can access my case records from anywhere, including images and even video. Plato is a must have for any surgeon.

    Dr Jeffrey Chew Tec Hock Centre for Orthopaedics
  • I was one of Plato's first customers, and have watched Plato evolve and grow. I currently use Plato to run my practice's full business and clinical operations paperlessly. Plato is a great service - it's is easy to use and the Plato team provides strong customer support. While Plato is a comprehensive software that has everything needed for my clinic to run, I also appreciate that the team is constantly innovating and improving on Plato. It's refreshing to see a team make continued investment in its product, so that my clinic can grow more efficient over time.

    Dr Roland Chieng Fertility and Women's Care
  • I love that I can access Plato from anywhere -- in the past, my staff would have to physically come to my clinic and scan and send files to me, if a patient called while I was out of the country. Now I can securely access key medical information without a problem. Plato is an absolute delight!

    Dr Ben Ng Jen Min Arden Endocrinology Specialist Clinic

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