Blog Deliver Medicine from your Plato Using G-MEDS

Deliver Medicine from your Plato Using G-MEDS

The Plato Platform welcomes G-MEDS Home Rx Delivery to its Appstore

Plato has just listed G-MEDS on its AppstorePlato doctors can link their Plato with G-MEDS and e-prescribe medicine through G-MEDS without leaving Plato. G-MEDS is a pharmacy prescription platform that can deliver medicines directly to local clinics, local patients, and overseas patients.

G-MEDS carries over 2,000 different medications, ranging from key prescriptions for chronically ill patients to aesthetic products such as SkinSoul Crystaline™, which can be delivered to patients.

Here’s how you can use G-MEDS to power up your practice:

Singapore and Malaysia doctors: Run out of medicine? Fulfil a prescription by delivering it straight to the patient

Imagine a patient with the flu comes to visit your clinic, and you’ve just run out of flu medications. The patient is exhausted and does not want to return to your clinic, and there’s no guarantee they will be able to find that flu medication at their local retail pharmacy. G-MEDS can deliver that flu medication to your patient within hours, while s/he rests at home. This saves the patient from the trouble of calling or visiting clinics/pharmacies to get medicine, giving them more time to recover at home.


Encourage adherence to a patient’s wellness/care regime using product subscriptions

It’s difficult to ensure that patients take their medicine and/or supplements regularly. If patients are struggling to return back to the clinic to pick up necessary supplements, G-MEDS can deliver these to the patients’ doorstep at regular intervals, helping patients and caregivers to eliminate waiting times and skip the queues at outpatient clinics or pharmacies.

Doctors providing homecare can benefit from medicine delivery as wellthey can schedule medicine delivery at key intervals and will not need to carry their full inventory on visits.

Finally, if you’re managing chronically ill patients, Plato recommends using Plato Recalls and/or G-MEDS’ Auto Refill Reminders to engage patients and send them predetermined messages at strategic intervals, to help them manage their care.


G-MEDS couriers medicine to your patients worldwide

Support your foreign patients by making it easier to complete their care regime.

Medical centres that care for foreign patients and use Plato can now use G-MEDS, which delivers the prescriptions/medications to patients on behalf of doctors and clinics. This enables you to tap on G-MEDS’ expertise including cross-border customs and tax clearance.

Aesthetic clinics, for example, can confidently order and courier an exclusive range of products directly from this service to their patients, so they can upkeep appearances no matter where they are globally.


Replenish medicine with on-demand delivery

Does your clinic need to re-stock on certain medications urgently? Place your order in G-MEDS without leaving Plato, and re-stock quickly. You may also want to keep a lid on unnecessary inventory costs whilst always having access to over 2,000 medications.

Discover how you can manage inventory comfortably and make your patients’ lives easier with Plato today.

January 29, 2020