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“I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been” – Wayne Gretzky

Would you rather use an iPhone/Android phone or something made by Nokia? Probably the iPhone/Android phone, right? Nokia made great mobile phones. However, they were not able to anticipate the touchscreen/smartphone era, and so they don’t have much to offer consumers who want a great smartphone. By contrast, iPhones are beautiful and linked to an Appstore where you can buy literally millions of third party apps to supercharge your phone. Android phones are at the cutting edge of artificial intelligence and will eventually replace personal assistants. And Nokia is forgotten.

Software should be easy to use

At Plato, we invest in innovation – like Android and iPhone, we are constantly trying to find new ways of bringing value to our customers by improving Plato practice management.

Right now, most EMR/CMS in Singapore will build a software once and make very few improvements thereafter. They invest in customer support, rather than continuously improving their product. Plato is bug-free and super easy to use – we provide free and unlimited customer support and training because Plato clinics rarely need it.

Software companies should always be hungry, and strive to do more

Investing in innovation also means understanding the challenges a clinic faces and building for those challenges.

We’ve just released Plato Recall: recall sends out automatic reminders to patients who need to come back to your clinic regularly. For example, if you’re treating a diabetic patient who needs to come for a checkup every six months, Plato will provide both your system and your patient an automated reminder to make that appointment every six months. Quite a few diabetic patients drop out of treatment – and many other types of patients don’t complete their treatment either. Plato can help.

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November 24, 2017