Blog Make Dental CHAS Claims Directly in your Plato

Make Dental CHAS Claims  Directly in your Plato

Gone are the days where you have to login separately to the CHAS portal to check your patients’ Dental CHAS balance and make submissions. Dental clinics that use Plato no longer have to struggle with switching between systems for Dental CHAS submissions.

Studies have shown that the lack of integration between systems contribute to higher business costs and fatigue among employees. This business pain point is pushing healthcare providers towards integrated platforms that offer multiple solutions in one place, including linkages to existing systems.

Plato’s integrated platform connects you directly with Dental CHAS, thereby reducing the time staff spend on manoeuvring between systems, logging into various platforms and manually inputting data.


Fewer logins

With the Plato-Dental CHAS integration, employees need not login separately to the CHAS portal. They’ll have one less login credential to remember since they can carry out main Dental CHAS functions directly inside Plato. Simplify their workflows and save your employees from password fatigue.


Get all the information in one platform

Dental clinics in the heartlands can see over 10 CHAS patients each day. This adds up to 300 or 400 CHAS patients each month. If one claim takes approximately three minutes on average for an employee to process, over 900 minutes is spent each month on Dental CHAS submissions alone.

Why not reduce this time to a minute or less by consolidating existing systems to one platform. With Plato, clinic staff can check a patient’s CHAS balance and make claims—all in one place. Technology no longer gets in the way of clinic staff and their work; their time is freed to focus on more important tasks, such as patient care and building long-lasting relationships with patients.


No data entry when submitting claims

Minimise manual work through the Plato-Dental CHAS linkage by reducing data entry. With access to all the information you need in one place, you don’t have to input replicate data across systems, or each time the patient visits your clinic.

Schedule a demo today and enjoy a free trial to see how you can simplify workflows using just the Plato platform for all your clinic’s needs.


– Wong Yoon Sann

February 19, 2020