Blog Our Channel Partner in Brunei, Jun Lee, Shares his Experience with Plato

Our Channel Partner in Brunei, Jun Lee,  Shares his Experience with Plato

Find out what had attracted Jun Lee to Plato and what Brunei’s doctors love about the integrated clinic management platform.

Since its humble 2015 beginnings in Singapore, Plato has expanded beyond this Little Red Dot to serve over 1,000 doctorsincluding medical practitioners across Malaysia, Hong Kong and Brunei.

The clinic management platform caught up with its Brunei channel partner Jun Lee to find out what had attracted him to Plato, what Brunei’s doctors love about the system, and what it’s like for Bruneian doctors to get started with Plato.


Hi Jun Lee, could you introduce yourself please?

I’ve been in the medical field as a professional medical representative since 2010. Over the course of my employment with big pharmaceutical companies, I’ve developed relationships with many clients in both the public and private sector. I’ve always been a solution provider for my clients and have implemented many projects and products enlistment. Solving problems for my clients began as part of my job scope, but over the years, it eventually transformed into a passion of mine.


Could you share more about your company with us?

My company Jaya Sutera Sdn Bhd is a PLC spearheaded by myself to provide tailored solutions for my clients in the Healthcare as well as Oil and Gas industries in Brunei. My company’s vision is to be a trusted partner in solutions provision.


How long have you been Plato’s channel partner in Brunei and why were you keen on this alliance?

I’ve been Plato’s channel partner in Brunei since 2019; it’s been quite an amazing journey for me over the past year. Insightful engagement with my clients allows me to better understand their clinical practice and over time, I’ve noticed many of them handicapped by the traditional paper-based clinic management system (CMS).

This spurred me to search for and engage with many providers of a CMS that might work in Brunei’s environment. In the end, I went with Plato due to their intuitive and straightforward approach with their clinic management platform.

I’m the main contact point for Bruneifrom the sales pitch and product training to after-sales support. This requires tremendous effort; technical support from Singapore is vital as I don’t always have all the answers. Thankfully, Plato has a great support team; they’re always ready to address my queries and help me with numerous webcast training sessions.


What do Brunei’s doctors love best about Plato?

Most of my clients appreciate how Plato makes their daily clinic management easier. Commonly cited features include inventory and pricing, past records and medication purchases, its flexible packaging system in terms of application templates and letter generation, corporate client tracking and billing. In fact, one of my clients who started using Plato told me she enjoyed using it much more than the one used in hospitals. She found the workflow much easier to manage and the navigation more user-friendly, with fewer clicks required to get to her desired end point.


What’s it like for Bruneian doctors to get started with you?

Initially, it took many rounds of engagement to gain the interest of my first few clients, but now, with successful implementations and word-of-mouth referrals from my existing clients, interest has been increasing. I look forward to building upon this and expanding my presence throughout the nation.

If you are a Bruneian doctor who would like to know more about Plato, or a potential partner keen to find out more about this integrated platform, feel free to contact us. We’d be more than happy to answer any of your queries with a free demo.


– Wong Yoon Sann

March 13, 2020