Blog GPs Rejoice, Plato’s PCN Module makes Data Entry Seamless and Automated

GPs Rejoice, Plato’s PCN Module makes Data Entry Seamless and Automated

Look forward to more convenient data entry, so you can focus on providing better quality chronic disease care for your patients.

Since the Ministry of Health (MOH) launched its Primary Care Network (PCN) scheme in 2018, it has grown to encompass over 500 GP clinics, grouped into 10 different virtual networks, all dedicated towards providing more effective and holistic treatment for chronic disease patients. As MOH explains, PCNs will “shift to move care beyond the hospital to the community, so that patients can receive effective care closer to home.”

PCNs support patients by allowing them to receive dedicated and regular support from their primary care physician and partner nurses. Nurses will record chronic disease patients’ health metrics over time, ensuring that each patients’ care is appropriately managed and highlighting concerns to Primary Care Physicians where needed.

Plato is the software provider for multiple clinics in United PCN – we’ve worked with United PCN to build out a module automating work for doctors. Doctors can do their data entry in a dedicated PCN module and this will flow out into reporting. Clinics can then export PCN reports in Excel.

“United PCN assists doctors and clinic staff to create better and more holistic team-based care for your chronically ill patients,” explains Ruben Leong, Programme Manager at United PCN. “We offer affordable rates for ancillary services such diabetic foot and eye screening, as well as convenience by bringing our services to the doorstep of your clinic to create a one-stop easy access for your patients. Our dedicated nurses work hand in hand with doctors and provide counselling advice to patients on how to better manage their conditions, including lifestyle and dietary modifications. Our backend HQ team works closely with clinic staff to help coordinate services where needed to provide a seamless experience and care for your patients.”

For PCNs like United, where multiple clinics are on Plato, Plato can even automatically consolidate reporting from multiple clinics, so that the PCN has a single comprehensive report. Data flow is safe, secure, and encrypted – all while automating each clinic’s work and the work of the PCN as a whole.

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– Wong Yoon Sann

December 23, 2019