Blog Issue Digital PDT Certificates Directly in Plato!

Avoid the hassle of sourcing and engaging a third-party provider. Issue digital PDT certificates directly from your Plato CMS!

Is your clinic providing COVID-19 Pre-Departure Testing (PDT) to outbound travellers? Come 10th February 2021, clinics offering PDT must issue digital PDT certificates compliant with HealthCerts standards, per MOH’s new requirements. Thankfully, your clinic can avoid the hassle of finding a provider because Plato has you covered!

Plato has come together with Riverr so doctors can easily issue digital PDT certificates directly from their Plato CMS. Riverr uses Ethereum-based smart contracts technology, which enables clinics to issue secure and verifiable digital PDT certificates that are compliant with HealthCerts standards.

You might be wondering, what are smart contracts and why use Ethereum?

Ethereum is one of the most actively used blockchains that has smart contract functionality. Smart contracts are like traditional contracts, but in addition to defining the contract’s rules, smart contracts digitally manage and enforce these rules without any interference from third-parties.

Smart contracts ensure your patients’ digital PDT certificates are secure, tamper-proof and verifiable. Smart contracts sit encrypted inside the Ethereum blockchain, so your patient’s data is always kept secure. Further, data is kept decentralised at all times, thanks to the nature of the blockchain network. There is no external transfer of your patient’s personal information. Since blockchains have a tamper-proof chain structure, no one can alter the certificates, which preserves document authenticity.

Transitioning from paper to digital certificates enables clinics to automate work and save hours from manually processing paperwork. Digital certificates also eliminate human error that comes from data entry. Further, patients won’t lose their digital PDT certificate, unlike hard copies.

After the digital PDT certificate is issued, your patient will experience seamless international travel approval. Authorities can easily verify your patient’s digital PDT certificate at any check-in and immigration checkpoint.

Want to issue digital PDT certificates directly from your CMS? Simply book a demo with us today, we’d love to show you around the Plato platform!

February 5, 2021