Job Post Business Development Executive (Malaysia)

In Malaysia, Plato is a fast growing software serving hundreds of healthcare providers. Currently Business Development Executives both engage in prospecting and close inbound leads in Malaysia.

Plato is a beautiful, effective, and easy-to-use software loved by thousands of healthcare providers across Southeast Asia - we’re a clinic’s Operating System. Your role will be to find healthcare providers who are unhappy with their current software, and use consultative selling to show them how Plato can improve their workday.

On a day-to-day basis, you’ll present Plato to prospects, find new leads, and follow up with prospects considering whether or not they will adopt Plato. You must be entrepreneurial, responsible, and a self-starter. This role is a hybrid role - you will meet prospects face-to-face and work part-time from the office and part-time from home.

You are conscientious but competitive - you are aware that sales is a numbers game so your goal is to find customers who will benefit from Plato, as opposed to hard selling.

You must be an exceptional presenter, fluent in English and Malay. You are engaging and can memorize established scripts, in addition to answering ad-hoc questions.

You are gritty and self-disciplined - when you set a goal for yourself, nothing stops you from achieving this goal. Finally, you love learning and learn quickly - Plato is a product that is constantly improving and we are looking to build a sales team that can quickly learn and pitch new elements of the product.
  • Hunger to succeed: Plato is a fast-selling product - we're looking for people to help us keep Plato's momentum going. If you’ve got prior sales experience - that’s a huge plus. Please let us know.
  • Intelligence and attention to detail: Healthcare professionals are incredibly detail oriented about the products they use at their practice. You will need to be able to learn Plato quickly and think creatively about how to use Plato to solve each healthcare provider's IT challenges.
  • Curiosity and familiarity with tech: You do not need to be able to code, but you should be curious and well-informed about tech and/or healthtech. You should be super comfortable with computers and have invested time and energy in the tech or healthcare sectors.
  • Self-discipline and the ability to set (and deliver on) ambitious goals are required. In your application, tell us about the most ambitious goal you have set for yourself, why you set the goal, and how you finally achieved it.

As a company, Plato provides work-life balance - we value output over facetime. That said, in a BDE role you will have to meet prospects at their convenience - this sometimes means evenings and weekends.

Salary and Benefits

MYR 5,500 to MYR 7,500

Training Budget

Want to grow and improve your skill set? We want to support you. Plato offers a training budget to help you grow with the company.


When you win, we win. Plato offers a generous commission program for sales team members.