Job Post Customer Success Representative (Singapore)

Do you love learning systems in detail and teaching them to others with patience? Do you love gadgets and want to share your appreciation of technology with other people?

Plato is a Southeast Asian clinic's operating system, helping clinics automate the work of one team member at their practice. We support thousands of healthcare providers in automating the work of one person at each of their practices. Plato is Singapore's most popular web-based software and is growing fast in Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Brunei.

A Customer Success Representative at Plato has two broad tasks: first, Customer Success representatives manage inbound customer support queries - standard support. Second, inbound onboarding goes through the Customer Success team - Customer Success representatives manage inbound prospects, guiding them through the software buying process.

At Plato, we value outcomes over facetime - we are disciplined and maintain work-life separation, which leads to work-life balance for our team. Customer Success Representatives work from Plato’s office - based out of Novena.

If you have the following background and experience, we’d love to hear from you:
  • Strong Communication Skills: We’re looking for solid communicators. You should be able to understand others even if they don’t communicate, use stories effectively to convey a point, and be able to explain one concept in various ways.
  • Consultative sales skills: While this is not a sales role, we value the ability to understand what an external prospect or customer wants to achieve, and to think about how to achieve that outcome in the context of Plato.
  • Organizational abilities: Inbox zero is your mantra. You should be able to stay organized and complete tasks on time.
  • Prior experience in SaaS: If you’ve worked for a SaaS company, that’s a huge plus - please let us know!

Salary and Benefits

SGD 3,900 to SGD 4,300
Performance bonus

Training Budget

Want to grow and improve your skill set? We want to support you. Plato offers a training budget to help you grow with the company.

Work Life Balance

Plato strives to make work predictable and time-bounded. We value outcomes over face-time. We are building a culture of efficiency, directness, and work-life balance.