Job Post Executive Assistant / Office Manager

Plato is looking for an experienced Executive Assistant/Office Manager to help our founders and team. We need a highly responsive and helpful all-rounder with great people skills and strong written/verbal communication.

At Plato, we value work-life balance. While tasks may vary, work will largely be confined to the workday.

A few skills you’ll need:
  • Organizational skills: You’ll be given tasks like emailing out templated responses to candidates, setting meetings with job interviewees, and setting meetings with external partners. You need to be able to draft professional emails and handle candidates with politeness and care.
  • Vendor management: You’ll place orders for marketing material and office goods from vendors. These include business cards, banners, brochures, postcards, and more. You need to be able negotiate with vendors on timelines and to reduce prices, while still maintaining good vendor relationships.
  • Supporting the team/Office Management: We’ll need you to support the team in various ways. This may include bringing items to them, scheduling/managing deliveries, ordering water to the office, managing the office cleaning service, and other small tasks as and when required.
  • Detail Orientation/Copy-editing: We need you to review copy for grammatical errors and do light edits for obvious items. We’re looking for strong detail orientation. If you have a copy-editing background, that would be helpful.
  • Research skills: Occasionally we need support with research tasks. These can vary. We need someone who can do comprehensive and intelligent research.
  • Discretion/other tasks: Occasionally we will need support in booking personal appointments and doing errands for the directors. We expect full discretion and that our personal calendar will not be shared with team members or externally.
  • Other ad-hoc tasks.

Salary and Benefits

SGD 3,500 to SGD 4,000
Performance bonus

Training Budget

Want to grow and improve your skill set? We want to support you. Plato offers a training budget to help you grow with the company.

Work Life Balance

Plato strives to make work predictable and time-bounded. We value outcomes over face-time. We are building a culture of efficiency, directness, and work-life balance.