Job Post Full Stack Developer

Plato’s software engineers bring the latest tested and reliable technologies to thousands of outpatient healthcare clinics. You will get to change the face of outpatient healthcare - from helping thousands of patients access virtual care during the COVID pandemic, to fully automating a clinic’s front desk.

As a high availability SaaS, Plato is looking for engineers with a track record of building reliable and solid features. Ideally, you are a detail oriented craftsperson - you measure twice, and build once. We are also looking for trustworthy and security-minded professionals - Plato manages healthcare data and maintains strict data protection and privacy policies.

At Plato, we value outcomes over facetime - we are disciplined and maintain work-life separation, which leads to work-life balance for our team. We are doing a hybrid office/work from home model - most work can be done from home, with the exception of the handling of healthcare data.

If you have the following background and experience, we’d love to hear from you:
  • Programming skills: Laravel and Javascript (AngularJS and/or ReactJS) required. Ideally you would have contributed or built products in these frameworks.
  • 3-4 years of experience as a software developer.
  • Experience working with a team to build a SaaS product.
  • Responsible and analytical mindset.

Salary and Benefits

SGD 7,000 to SGD 10,000
Performance bonus

Training Budget

Want to grow and improve your skill set? We want to support you. Plato offers a training budget to help you grow with the company.

Work Life Balance

Plato strives to make work predictable and time-bounded. We value outcomes over face-time. We are building a culture of efficiency, directness, and work-life balance.