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Plato is your clinic’s Operating System

Trusted by over 2500 healthcare providers in Southeast Asia

Plato is your Clinic’s Operating System

Your clinic management software drives your clinic’s operations and patient experience. Shift from a CMS to an OS.

Automate the work of one person at your practice

Why do admin work Plato can finish for you? Run a fully automated front desk - or simply reduce work for your team. Receive results and share notes seamlessly. Increase the impact of your time by reducing your admin work.

Finally, an EMR to love

You’re the expert on how your notes should look and be organized. Create notes, your way - write, type, draw, and even use speech to text. Organize notes your way. Plato’s EMR is integrated - seamlessly share key information to colleagues with a click and receive key results right in your EMR.

One Platform for all your needs

Manage and grow your practice by adding new locations and providers seamlessly. Integrate key software into Plato - link products you’ve built, or partners from Plato’s App Marketplace. Extend your practice online by offering virtual consults using PlatoConnect. Monitor your performance using Custom Analytics.

Improve every step of the Patient Journey

Your clinic management software is the Operating System that drives your practice - it touches every step of the patient journey, automating work and improving the patient experience.

Patient-Centric Clinic Software

A patient’s first impression of you forms before they set foot in your practice. Make a tech-forward first impression.

Patients prefer making appointments online

Patients of all ages prefer practices that offer online appointment booking - letting patients book their visit anytime, anywhere. Make appointment booking more convenient for patients and reduce work for your staff.

Optimize your Queue

Your queue makes clinic traffic management easier. Prioritize what steps a patient should take when visiting your clinic. Call patients back to the clinic with an SMS when it’s their turn to see the provider.

Pre-screen via PlatoConnect

Not sure if a patient should come in for a visit? A virtual visit provides real world convenience. If you’re not sure a patient needs to come in for a follow-up, pre-screen them using PlatoConnect.

Complete pre-registration before arrival, and build trust

Enable patients to pre-register their details and review consent forms prior to arriving at your practice. Patients with Singpass can share their registration details with a click, saving them and your team from data entry work.

Keep your schedule filled

A thriving practice starts with a full schedule.

A schedule that grows with you

Build your practice by adding new providers and locations easily - and enable your clinic staff to book appointments centrally.

Improve follow up with reminders and recalls

Send personalized reminders and recalls to patients, making it easier for them to complete their follow-up care.

Manage multiple resources effectively

Book multiple resources with a click - ensure that each patient has the room, device, and provider scheduled for their visit.

Automate work with online appointment booking

Online appointment booking is not only patient centric - it automates scheduling work for your team.

Automate work for your Front Desk

Reduce admin work for your front desk, while improving the patient experience.

Use Singpass to automate patient pre-registration

Patients can share information from Singpass to Plato, by authorizing with a click. Automate the work of registration for your patients and your team.

Make wait times comfortable

Have a busy practice? Enable patients to wait outside your practice, and call them back to your practice with an SMS.

Design your own patient journey

Whether your practice is big or small, define the care steps your team uses to process each patient. Ensure every patient interaction is high quality and complete, using queue statuses and templates.

Organize your Clinic with a Queue Calling Screen

If you’re managing a high volume practice, setting up a queue screen helps patients know when their turn has come up - simplify clinic-patient communication for your front desk.

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Integrated EMR - Your Single Source of Truth

Manage medical records and patient care from one place - Plato.

Create notes, your way

Write, draw, type, and even use speech to text to create notes comfortably. Organize your notes, your way.

An EMR that keeps you focused

Do everything you need to process a patient on one page. Highlight key details with formatting and pinning. Complete documentation while staying focused on your patient.

Automate work with Plato’s Integrated EMR

Receive results directly to your EMR and save your staff hours of time - no more scanning and uploading.

Improve patient care outcomes with notes sharing

Sharing notes improves patient adherence to care plans by 60-70%. Securely share lab/radiology results, summaries, and key notes with colleagues, patients, and/or caregivers.

Count on Plato’s CMS

Let your clinic software cut through the complexity of billing, while your team focuses on patient care.

Everyday transactions, made easy

Healthcare billing can be complex - but it doesn’t have to be. From standard everyday transactions, to credit notes and packages, Plato is extensive while still being easy to use.

Manage Third Party Payors effectively

Manage Corporate, insurance, hospital and TPA billing through Plato. Cover the full third party payor cycle in your clinic software, and ensure every bill gets paid.

Billing that improves your cash flow

Your billing workflows impact your cash flow. Reduce risk by helping patients plan their treatment with upfront packages, or by giving them a quotation so they can visualize treatment costs.

Highly configurable billing workflows

Plato gives you a toolbox of different solutions to make billing easy - from invoice configuration and access restrictions, to the integrated PlatoPay Terminal, choose the billing workflow that works for you.

Choose a billing system that reduces bad debt

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Comprehensive Inventory Management

From setting up rules, to helping you manage profitability, Plato makes clinic inventory management easier.

Select your stock management workflows

Whether you’re a large clinic group that needs a full procurement flow, or a smaller clinic managing everyday stock transactions, Plato helps your clinic manage its inventory effectively.

Update your inventory in bulk

As your clinic grows and changes, your inventory will need to be updated. Plato helps you make bulk changes to your inventory, making annual pricing updates fast and easy.

Set up inventory automations and rules

Set rules like minimum price, automatic price changes for certain groups, and access restrictions to your inventory list. Let Plato remind your team of inventory dispensing rules, and reduce errors.

Transparent and extensible reporting

It’s important that inventory be managed profitably - use Plato’s inbuilt reports to keep track of inventory profitably. Have a unique inventory management process? You can extend Plato’s standard reporting with Custom Analytics.

Extend your Practice Online

Support your patients after they leave your practice.

Help patients complete their care

Treatment often requires multiple visits to your practice. Help patients complete their care by sending automated recalls with a link for patients to book their next appointment.

Support your patients beyond your clinic

Build relationships with your patients, even after they leave your practice. Securely share their medical records with them so they feel more engaged in their care or educate them by connecting through Mailchimp.

Set up an online storefront

Link Plato with Shopify to set up an online storefront - whether you’re a dermatology specialist with an in-house skincare line, or a dentist who wants their patients to have the best products for their oral hygiene, Plato has you covered.

Run a fully virtual clinic

Teleconsult with new or follow- up patients, enable patients to book a virtual visit online, use PlatoPay to collect payment for virtual visits, and even deliver key medicines to patients if required. You can run a fully virtual clinic with Plato.

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Monitor the Pulse of your Business with Plato’s “Intelligence”

Comprehensive, extensive reporting that helps you monitor your clinic’s health and grow your practice.

Monitor daily operations and inventory

Daily reports are essential to managing your operations. Track daily revenue, profits, and activities, and ensure your business is healthy.

Keep your accountant happy

Plato’s reporting is best practice, extensive, and securely accessible to your accountant. Automate work for your staff and accountant with Plato.

Reporting that helps you grow

Grow your practice with Plato. Monitor which marketing channels help you grow, track the growth of new locations and providers, and see what products and services are most profitable at your practice.

Exportable and extensible

Your data is not siloed in Plato. Export any report to Excel and analyze data. Need a custom report? Link your clinic system with leading business intelligence software, and answer your questions with data.

Grow your Practice with Plato

Whether you want to grow your practice, or scale from one clinic to many, Plato supports your growth.

Have a strong brand relationship with patients

Plato’s group practice management support lets you build a brand. Enable patients to walk into any clinic location and get a consistent level of care. Build a relationship between your patient and your brand.

Manage your group practice effectively

Plato has everything you need to manage a group practice, in one CMS. Track provider performance and manage compensation, set access restrictions if required, and enable your front desk to support multiple providers.

Grow one clinic into a chain

Synchronize multiple clinic locations and help them work together. Clearly see what treatments were done where, while helping teams at different locations work together.

Empower your HQ to drive growth

Give your HQ secure and remote access to performance, marketing, and operations data and let them drive growth for your practice.

Plato keeps your data secure

From encryption best practices to extensive access restrictions, Plato keeps your data secure.

Encryption in-flight and at-rest

Plato uses AES-256 encryption and SSL certificates to keep your data protected. Whether your data is in-flight or at-rest, Plato ensures that it’s secure.

Maintain multiple backups

Plato maintains multiple backups of your data in the cloud. You can also download and hold a copy of your data, giving you peace of mind.

Robust Access Controls

The access controls your clinic sets are a key part of your security - ensure that users are only able to access what they need to complete their work.

Your choice of SSO

Link Plato to your Single Sign-On Software of choice - Google SSO, Okta, or Azure AD. Centrally reinforce user and password management at an organizational level.

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