Open a Virtual Clinic Instantly with  PlatoConnect

Provide care that goes beyond borders. From teleconsult to prescription, support your patients wherever they are.

Trusted by over 2500 healthcare providers in Southeast Asia

Integrate Telemedicine into Your Practice

Build better relationships with overseas patients

Supporting medical tourists at your practice? Extend your practice beyond borders by offering teleconsults using PlatoConnect.

Continuously care for patients with chronic illness

Are your patients feeling anxious about returning to the clinic for a physical visit? Support patients by letting repeat patients get virtual support.

Make it easier to include caregivers in each visit

Caregivers responsible for eldery patients or children often juggle work with caregiving. Enable caregivers to virtually join patient consults, and clarify care plans firsthand.

Bring your practice online

Patients increasingly expect virtual care and support from every service provider they work with - including healthcare providers. Build a practice of the future, in the present.

Extend your practice online

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Run a virtual clinic in a few steps

Patient-centric Telemedicine

Plato is simple and secure, putting patients at ease.

Safe and Secure

PlatoConnect is protected by AES-256 encryption and SSL Certificates, so only authorized parties can access a session. Give patients peace of mind that their medical information is secure.

Seamless P2P Communication

PlatoConnect is Peer to Peer - you connect directly with patients, and no data flows through Plato’s servers. Virtual consultations are as private as in-person consultations.

Join with a click

To connect, patients will receive an email - they just need to click to join a call. Patients joining from a laptop will not need to install any software. Focus on the teleconsult - don’t be tech support.

Integrate telehealth into your practice

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