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A time-saving EMR you’ll love to use.

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Everything you Need.

Patient records, optimized for the doctor – Choose how you want to input and organize notes. Plato gives you the flexibility to choose your own workflow.

Manage your practice your way – From queue to each patient’s folder, implement the workflow that’s best for your clinic.

Create a custom patient journey at your clinic – Decide how you want the patient to travel through your clinic. Plato’s queue will reflect the steps the patient must take to complete their care journey at your clinic.

Let Plato simplify your workload today.

Create Medical Records, Your Way

Store any file type and size in Plato – Literally store any file type and size in Plato – surgery videos, images, scans, and more.

Free, unlimited cloud data storage – Store as many files as you want, without worrying that the price of your system will change.

Input records your way – Type, use templates, write/draw, use speech to text, and even allow different doctors to input records their own way.

Write & draw electronically – Plato is just as comfortable and responsive as paper and pen. Trade your pen for a stylus today.

Let Plato be your transcriptionist — Plato’s speech-to-text is accurate and powerful. Transcribe letters and notes with the click of a button.

  • Plato's EMR lets me take photos, and write, draw, and annotate on top of these photos. This function is useful for surgeons -- plastic surgeons in particular. Plato is a very secure clinic management system. The security of patient data is paramount to me, and it helps me sleep soundly at night knowing that Plato is guarding my practice

    Dr Marco Faria Correa
    Dr Marco Faria-Correa
  • Plato is an app which I have been waiting years for. I have always been a Mac user and most of the clinic software are PC based. With the development of this app, it allows me to use it on my iPad Pro, where I write and draw my notes, as I previously did with the physical notes on paper. Now, the clutter of notes filling up shelves in the clinic is a thing of the past. This App also allows full integration of all operations including billing for the patients. In addition, it is completely portable, allowing me to assess it from all my mobile devices. Changing and using Plato is a must as we drive towards a paperless environment.

    Dr Tay Khoon Hean
    Dr Tay Khoon Hean Tay Khoon Hean Surgery
  • I love that I can access Plato from anywhere -- in the past, my staff would have to physically come to my clinic and scan and send files to me, if a patient called while I was out of the country. Now I can securely access key medical information without a problem. Plato is an absolute delight!

    Dr Ben Ng Jen Min
    Dr Ben Ng Jen Min Arden Endocrinology Specialist Clinic
  • I like Plato because it makes a doctor's work really easy. I can access my case records from anywhere, including images and even video. Plato is a must have for any surgeon.

    Dr Jeffrey Chew
    Dr Jeffrey Chew Tec Hock Centre for Orthopaedics
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Use an EMR you can enjoy.

Patient Records, Optimized for the Doctor

Arrange information your way – Choose what you want to see when updating patient medical records. Dispense medicine and input casenotes at the same time if you like.

Securely access your records from anywhere
– Refer to your notes with a click when a patient calls.

Use templates to speed up your work — Pull out text or image templates, checklists, and more. Reduce errors and speed up work using templates.

Your clinic at your fingertips.

Choose your patient journey

Custom queue – Organize your queue your way. Decide which stations the patient will stop at to complete their journey at the clinic.

Dispense medicine with a few clicks – Plato makes dispensing easy – track what you have available at your click, and dispense medicine easily.

Outside prescriptions made easy – Generate outside prescriptions using Singapore Drug Dictionary codes.

Repeat orders with a click – Patients often come to the clinic to refill their medicine. One-click refills are convenient for the patient and you.

Plato has everything you need, accessible anywhere.

Complete all aspects of the patient’s care

Use Plato tasks to ensure all aspects of the patient’s care are completed – Create and assign tasks for any user at the click. Link tasks to any patient. Complete tasks with a click.

Generate referral and reply letters with a click – Spend less time composing letters, allow Plato to auto-generate them for you instead.

See Plato in person

Plato’s EMR is one part of a complete EMR/CMS. Manage your entire clinic paperlessly with Plato.

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Electronic Medical Records

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