Payments integrated right into your clinic management software

Make it easier for patients to pay large bills and rejected insurance claims.

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Securely hold and charge payor credit cards in your clinic management software.

Make billing more convenient for patients and caregivers– Patients and caregivers should not have to physically return to the clinic to pay bills. Simplify healthcare payments by allowing for Card-Not-Present Transactions.

Manage insurance, hospital, and corporate claim rejections smoothly– As insurance and corporate claims grow increasingly complex, the chance that a last-minute co-payment/rejection may occur increases. Manage claim rejections with a click in Plato.

International patients face barriers when paying bills from overseas — Sending money from an overseas account to a Singapore account can be an intimidating for patients and caregivers. PlatoPay works via a patient’s credit card, which is simpler for the patient.

Reduce bad debt— Medical and dental practices that don’t simplify patient payments tend to accumulate bad debt. Increase your collections with PlatoPay.

Make patient payments easier.

Manage rejected insurance, hospital, and corporate claims easily

Add a co-payment with PlatoPay – Some claims gets rejected because of a missing or incorrect co-payment. With PlatoPay, add a co-payment with a click and improve your medical billing processes.

Bill rejected insurance claims to PlatoPay
— If a claim gets rejected, charge it to PlatoPay. The patient will not need to physically return to your clinic to pay for their medical or dental bill.

More convenient than a deposit —PlatoPay is more convenient than a deposit – the patient’s cash stays in their hands, but the clinic can still ensure that debts are paid.

Manage rejected claims easily.

Break expensive procedures into affordable prices

Patients prefer monthly payments– It can be challenging for patients to pay a large lump sum for an expensive medical treatment or dental procedure. PlatoPay breaks large medical or dental bills into smaller payments.

Automate monthly billing– Some clinics allow manual monthly billing already, but require patients to physically return to the clinic to pay bills. As a result, medical or dental bills get missed, and accumulate. PlatoPay ensures that repeat transactions occur on schedule.

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Make collections more convenient, for you and for your patients. PlatoPay is one part of a complete medical billing software.

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