Practice Management

From patient registration to collecting payment, Plato has you covered. Everything you need to run your clinic paperlessly, in one software.

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Plato has everything you need, in one place, accessible anywhere

Run your clinic paperlessly – From billing, to inventory management, to casenotes, run your clinic without paper.

Reduce your work – Plato automates and reduces work wherever possible. Save time with Plato.

Your clinic at your fingertips – Virtually step into your clinic from anywhere. Plato is a secure, cloud based software, allowing you to work from home, the hospital, or the wards.

Reduce your work with Plato today.

Patient registration and appointment booking made easy

Patient pre-registration – Send patients a secure link to input their details prior to arriving at the clinic.

Patient self-registration – Allow patients to self-register at the clinic, reducing errors and saving your staff from the work of transcribing notes.

Allow patients to book online appointments – Provide a public calendar for online appointment booking, or a secure private calendar that you only share with existing patients.

Improve the patient experience at your clinic.

Manage the patient journey at your clinic, and after the visit

Flexible Queue – Know exactly where the patient is at the clinic, and manage them as they complete each step of their care management process.

Internal Chat – Communicate with different team members regarding the patient’s care, without using noisy/intrusive phone calls.

Ensure every task is complete – Use Plato’s task manager to ensure every lab report is reviewed and all follow ups are complete.

Focus on the patient, instead of focusing on your EMR — Plato lets you create records using whatever approach is most convenient for you. A simpler EMR allows you to focus on the patient, rather than data entry.

Improve your clinic’s operations today.

Billing that’s simple enough for a cashier, while generating the reports your accountant needs

Manage every billing scenario – Plato covers every billing scenario. Use as many payments as needed to fulfill an invoice, manage returns/refunds easily, and do corporate billing with a click.

Intuitive, easy to use software – Plato is straightforward and easy to use, allowing cashiers to input a complex transaction simply.

Create your ideal charge list – Create packages, subscription products, and more within Plato. Decide what charge list works best for your clinic – Plato will be flexible enough to implement it.

Simplify your staff’s workday today.

Business Analytics: Everything you need to run and grow your clinic

All the reports your accountant needs – Plato’s comprehensive business intelligence has everything required for your accountant to manage your monthly and annual accounting.

Grow your clinic with Plato – Plato provides off the shelf analysis and reporting, helping you identify and cultivate growth channels for your clinic.

Manage your inventory effectively with Plato – Plato provides deep analysis on your physical inventory, enabling you to strike better deals with suppliers.

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Practice Management is one part of Plato’s full EMR and CMS.

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