Use Plato’s API to run an integrated practice

Securely link any software to your Plato

Get Connected

Using multiple softwares to run your clinic or clinic group? Plug Plato into your existing software ecosystem using Plato’s Application Program Interface (API).

Accounting Software

Are you a clinic group working with SAP? Or, are you a clinic whose accountant works with Xero or Quickbooks Online? Sync Plato with your accounting software to reduce your data entry work.

Operations Management Software

Does your clinic group rely on any software to manage group-wide operations? Plug Plato into these software using our API.

Patient Apps

There are a lot of different healthcare apps available to patients – you may even want to build your own. Link your app of choice with Plato, and improve your patients’ experience.

How Plato’s API works

Eliminate the need to do double data entry

Plato’s API can send information to other apps, or bring information from other apps into Plato.

Fully documented and supported

Plato’s team has built out extensive documentation around our API. We can also help answer any questions your team might have.

Secure data transmission

Plato’s API uses HTTPS and SSL certificates to ensure that data is securely transmitted to other software.

Want to run an integrated practice? Find out more today.

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