Whitepaper Build a Collaborative Psychology Practice

Foster clients’ trust through collaborative care. Trust is key in mental care. Shared notes improve communication and complement oral discussions, so clients feel heard, understood, and respected, enhancing their trust in you. Clients who trust their psychologist feel safe sharing key info in visits, supporting their care progress. Shared notes also provide clients with a concrete reference they can turn to throughout their care journey, extending your care beyond the clinic and improving clients’ adherence.

Want to share notes? Learn best practices in sharing notes, so your clinic and clients make the most of collaborative care. Discover how to implement note sharing at your practice - from types of notes to share with clients based on their needs, to sharing notes directly from your EMR.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • Case studies and research on the impacts of sharing notes with clients.
  • Types of notes to share with your clients based on their needs.
  • Best practices for managing shared notes at your psychology clinic.