Whitepaper Thrive as a Clinic Manager, only with Plato

You’ve just started a new role: clinic manager. You’re determined to run an automated clinic, but your team is used to manual processes. “Succeed as a Clinic Manager” shares three uniquely Plato workflows that reduce admin work for your team. This content is exclusive - you will need a Plato account to read this white paper.

Plato has collated best practices from more than 2500 doctors to help you implement three major changes at your practice:

  • Shift from a manual to an automated front desk: An automated front desk reduces work for your team, speeding up operations, creating a strong first impression on patients, and giving your team a satisfying work environment.
  • Simplify your corporate billing workflows (and reduce debt): Give your staff a comprehensive system to manage corporate billing easily. Track every corporate invoice, generate the correct documents for corporate partners, and ensure every bill is paid, directly from Plato.
  • Adopt structured workflows and drive consistency: Standardise your clinic’s workflows by giving staff checklists and templates to follow - ensure no key steps and data are missed and that care is consistent, no matter which team member performs the process.

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