Blog In One Infographic: It’s easy for Patients to Teleconsult with You using PlatoConnect

In One Infographic: It’s easy for Patients to  Teleconsult with You using PlatoConnect

Show your patients how easy it is to use PlatoConnect for video consults when physical visits to the clinic aren’t possible.

Telehealth, previously a steadily growing area in the healthcare industry, has seen a recent surge in demand due to stricter safety precautions arising from COVID-19. Telehealth has become a key care technology during this time of social distancing as it not only protects healthcare providers, patients, and caregivers, but also supports more efficient triaging and resource allocation.

Australia, for example, recently rolled out telehealth services nationwide in one its largest healthcare initiatives to date. The move aims to keep patients and doctors safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, while ensuring people still have access to high-quality medical services. Today, patients in Australia can easily reach out to medical practitioners in the following areas either by phone or video call for convenient consultation: GPs; psychologists; nurses; psychiatrists; paediatricians; speech pathologists; physiotherapists; occupational therapists; social workers; dieticians.

It’s not just Down Under where telehealth has emerged at the forefront of healthcare. In the United States and other parts of the world including Singapore, medical providers are turning towards virtual care that includes teleconsultations as an alternative to in-person clinic visits. In Singapore, providers of telehealth services told TODAY that demand for teleconsultations had risen 70% since the COVID-19 pandemic started.


Help Patients Learn How Simple it is to Teleconsult

Teleconsulting is convenient, but not all patients are familiar with this service and might not understand the steps involved from the get-go. For the less tech-savvy, teleconsultations can appear daunting initially.

A common question that arises from both young and old patients when first introduced to the idea of a teleconsultation is: How do I use it?

With the right education and easy-to-use software like PlatoConnect, patients will realise that teleconsulting is simple and can improve their lives with the comfort it offers.

PlatoConnect lets doctors securely video consult their patients in a click of the button when physical visits to the clinic aren’t possible. Foreign patients can get the care they need beyond borders, chronically ill patients receive continuous care without having to physically commute to the clinic, and caregivers get convenient access to patients, so they can virtually join their loved one’s medical appointments and clarify any questions for better post-consultation care.

Technology shouldn’t get in the way of healthcare providers, patients, and caregivers, which is why PlatoConnect was designed to make it easy for patients and their caregivers to virtually consult with their doctors.

To help your new and existing patients better understand how easy it is to use PlatoConnect, Plato has created a handy step-by-step infographic on ‘How to Use PlatoConnect’ for their respective patient journeys. Share these with your patients so they understand how simple it is to video consult with you from anywhere.

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PlatoConnect Infographic for New Patients

PlatoConnect Infographic for Existing Patients


– Wong Yoon Sann

April 3, 2020