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Run a paperless & automated healthcare practice with Plato.

What makes Plato different?

Accessible anytime, anywhere
Access your system 24/7, from anywhere.

Go Paperless
Plato is the only system that lets you truly go paperless

Wherever possible, Plato automates your work.

Almost NEHR Ready
Plato aims to be NEHR ready by August 2018.

Use Plato on any device

Medical EMR

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Create your notes your way
Whether you want to write, type, or even dictate your notes, Plato has you covered.

Store any file type or size
Plato has unlimited cloud storage, and you can store anything with Plato.

Direct lab results
Direct lab results from Quest, Innovative and Parkway all flow directly into Plato.

Dental EMR

Dental charting
Chart your notes in a few clicks.

Write/draw your dental notes on a tablet

Manage dental labs easily

EMR for Allied Health

Carry your EMR with you
Plato’s EMR can be carried with you. Access Plato on mobile or use it on a tablet. Take Plato anywhere

Type, draw, chart, write – Notes in the format you need them

Collaborate on patient care
Share patients between multiple therapists, and collaborate on care.

Manage multiple doctors & clinics easily

Plato is built to grow with you
Add doctors and locations easily.

Know who billed what, when and where
Attribute revenue and payments to different providers and locations with a click.

Book an appointment for any clinic from anywhere

Patients only have to register once.

Control who can see what
To keep a group practice PDPA compliant, only allow users to see the patients they manage


Easy enough for a cashier, but comprehensive enough that your accountant can use it.

All the billing rules you need
Credit notes, debit notes, discounts, voids, and access restrictions on who can do what and when.

Print and email different MOH compliant invoices – summary invoice, detailed invoice, receipt.

Third Party Payments

(Corporate / Insurance / Government)

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Automate third party billing rules
Plato remembers your corporate or insurance company’s special pricing rules, so your staff don’t have to!

End-to-end management of your insurance (or corporate) claims in Plato
Generate any document you need, manage rejections, and manage insurance payments through Plato.

Integration with some third party payors
Some private insurance companies, CHAS, and other government plans.

Securely hold patient cards on file with PlatoPay – charge them when an insurance claim is rejected or when a child comes alone for a visit. Make patient payment easier and reduce bad debt.

Inventory + Procurement

Manage stock easily
Manage stock inflows and outflows easily. Track when stock is low or when medicines are about to expire.

Backdate your stock reports
Have you ever forgotten to print a stock report at the end of the month? Plato allows you to backdate your stock-taking report to see what it was as of a particular date.

Full procurement flow
Purchase requisitions, purchase orders, and goods receipts.

Scheduling, Registration, & Queue Management

Appointment Booking
Book appointments in just a click. Manage calendars for multiple providers or locations easily.

Online appointment booking
Allow patients to book appointments online, 24/7, without needing to call in to your staff to book.

Patient self-registration
Allow patients to register from a tablet or laptop at the clinic, or from their mobile device. Save your staff from doing double data entry.

Custom patient journey
Track where the patient is at your clinic or centre. Ensure that the patient completes all the steps to complete their care at the clinic.

Business Intelligence

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Operations reports
Ensure your clinic is running smoothly, track wait times, and manage your daily collections.

Marketing reports
Understand which channels are driving patients to your clinic, how many patients they are bringing, and the revenue/profit they generate.

Inventory reports
Maintain strong inventory controls and negotiate with suppliers to get better deals on your medicine and consumables.

Accounting reports
Provide your accountant with login access and the information they need to reconcile your billing.

PlatoPulse – Want custom reports?

Internal Management Tools

Task Management
Assign tasks to different actors at the clinic, tag these tasks to patients, and ensure they are complete

Audit Logging
Track every click made by any user – know who did what and when.

User management
Create users and assign them custom roles and access restrictions

Access Restrictions
Restrict or hide sensitive financial and patient information from users who don’t need to see it.

Internal Chat
Chat with other users and coordinate with them to get work done.

Referral Management

Referral tracking
Track which channels are referring you patients.

Generate customized referral letters in a click.

Email or print out referrals

Patient Engagement

Online appointment booking
Enable patients to book appointments online, with just a click.

Patient self registration/pre-registration
Enable patients to self-register or pre-register prior to arriving to the clinic.

Patient recall messages
Make it easy for patients to complete their treatment by sending them recall messages.



SMS and Email Management

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